Zeitgeist: Act One – The Investigation Begins

Zeitgeist: Act One – The Investigation Begins


This is #2 of my Top Ten of 2014!

The massive collection of the first Act of the Zeitgeist AP clocks in at 559 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 6 pages of ToC, 1 page back cover, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 549 pages of content.


So let’s…wait. Let me get this straight – this is the compiled version of the first 5 Zeitgeist-adventures PLUS Crypta Hereticarum, Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide; It also includes (with 2 hick-ups) cleaned up nomenclature regarding elves/eladrin high/wood elves that resulted from conversion. All of these components are simply glorious – 5 stars + seal of approval badassery in its truest form. I’ve also reviewed all of the modules, so if you require details, please check those out.


The book also contains “Seas of Zeitgeist”, which provides the quick and dirty (imho VERY BAD) naval combat rules of “Admiral o’ the High Seas” for the AP -and constitutes the one component of the AP I don’t love o death. In design philosophy quite remote from Pathfinder, it pales before Paizo’s naval combat rules and especially before Frog God Games’ superb “Fire as She Bears“, which I will use to provide proper naval combat rules for this AP. Beyond these, item-cards, a metric ton of maps, hand-outs and supplemental information help running this beast.



Wait, what? Well, production-wise, this killer tome is a layered pdf that can be made printer-friendly, the maps can be made player-friendly if they aren’t already. The writing by Ryan Nock, Matthew J. Hanson, Jacob Driscoll and Thurston Hillman is superb. The book comes extensively bookmarked for your convenience.

I will cut this review far shorter than the page-count would suggest since I’ve already covered the constituent pdfs. This is the most ambitious AP you can buy and also the most intelligent – with a focus on a complex weave of narratives, deceptions and espionage, it cannot be compared to any other AP in scope and focus and is ambitious to an unprecedented level. The story is so compelling, diverse and challenging, it is bound to become a legend, far surpassing even War of the Burning Sky and similar epics with its daunting focus on smarts and roleplaying over killing everything that moves. The sheer amount of glorious mini-games and decisions make Deus Ex run to the corner and cry itself to sleep and apart from the subpar naval rules, there is NOTHING on can truly complain about – and honestly, these are easily replaced.

Now if you are a new DM, first master something less demanding – Zeitgeist is intended for experienced dungeon masters and the amount of plots, characters, etc. you have to juggle is significant. However, this also makes the AP exceedingly cool, challenging and SMART. This is a thinking man’s AP, one that dares to assume that its audience is intelligent and capable -and I *love* it for that. In fact, the *only* reason I’m not running this AP RIGHT NOW is that I’m waiting for it to finish. This may very well be one of the best APs ever written, depending on your taste, possibly the best.

It is to my eternal regret that I cannot comment on the premium hardback edition in color – my meager funds do not allow me to get this book as per the writing of this review. That being said, this is still a milestone for storytelling in a d20-based system, the first AP to reach the narrative complexity and depth usually reserved for legendary CoC/ToC/etc.-campaigns. If am of the firm belief that this tome belongs into a DM’s arsenal and that running this, will one day be a kind of rite of passage. If you thought the “War of the Burning Sky” was good – it has NOTHING on Zeitgeist. My final verdict will come as no surprise, seeing how the first 5 installments were the first ever AP to succeed at such an unbroken string of superb ratings from yours truly; it will clock in at 5 stars, seal of approval, nomination as a candidate for my top ten of 2014 and a shed tear of longing for the physical book. If you can, get this NOW!


This book is available here on OBS for PFRPG!

If you prefer 4th edition, here’s that one!


Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Ken Pawlik says:

    Every time I go to OBS I go to this product’s page and salivate a bit. When I have the funds for the print version, it will be mine! The only question is whether or not I get it before or after Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu bundle…

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