Jun 162017

Dear Readers!   It’s time again to highlight some amazing crowdfunding campaigns currently running!   -Culinary Magic Cookbook by Flaming Crab Games: I’m a pretty big fan of well-made subsystems and I am not alone – the crew of Flaming Crab Games pioneered a great little pdf (which can be found here! The review is […]

May 052017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   Dear readers, if you enjoy what I’m doing, please consider supporting my patreon. Reviewing this many files takes  a lot of work, time and effort and while I love doing it, I do need the support to devoted this much time every single day to continue to provide my service. […]

Apr 052017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   It’s the 5th of the new month and you know what that means – yep, it’s once again the monthly update post!   Oh, and guess what! I checked my review folder – it contains a total of no less than 3298 docs. That’s the total number of reviews, including […]

Mar 062017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   February came and went faster than I could blink.First of all: A heartfelt “Thank you!” to all the new patrons that joined up; while I’m still feeling the significant hit the campaign took due to to tax season and the general situation around the globe, I am exceedingly thankful for […]

Feb 072017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   A friend of mine once remarked that January is, metaphysically, the bleakest of months and I am inclined to agree. This month has been characterized, at least for me, by pretty much everything going not exactly as planned. Beyond technical issues and a growing sense of unease among many of […]

Jan 042017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2017 bring you joy galore!   I have returned from my annual anniversary hiking trip deep within the woods, far away from civilization and the intrawebs. I hope this new year finds you in high spirits!   As for my personal retrospective regarding […]

Dec 052016

Dear patreons, dear readers!   first of all: Thank you for the amazing support you continue to bestow upon me and my reviewing endeavors and a second shout-out to the kind publishers and private people who solicit my designs and work. I truly appreciate your support, your kindness and generosity, particularly in light of my […]

Nov 072016

Dear patreons, dear readers!   As you may have noticed, I was pretty busy this month, making up for my trip to the US – I think I have made good on my promise to deliver a sufficient amount of reviews…but I won’t be slacking off now. In fact, I have quite a cool array […]