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Musings of a lyrical nature


Gossamer Worlds: Poetica Mundi (DICELESS)

Gossamer Worlds: Poetica Mundi Fifteen pages in total await, with two devoted to cover and credits, leave thirteen, all suffused with content galore. This must have required a gazillion of edits… Why? Let’s not tarry and read more!   Now this is unlike any of its brethren before, even though I’ve reviewed more than a score. You see, there’s magic...


A Supermarket Sonnet

The supermarkets are the whorehouses of our time where women buy, shamelessly their milk – it’s soy all proper, of course, no sin where they sell lime, and seek to catch a passing stranger’s smile, all coy.   But any scrutiny reveals the toll of the age, where conventionalized necessity dictates that soulless eyes and pent-up, frothing rage be concealed...