Mar 282017

Dear readers!   There currently are a lot of cool kickstarters running for our hobby and two of them are approaching their finish line, both of them funded!   The first would be:   Perilous Vistas by Frog God Games: The Frogs are masters of old-school gaming, and while I love their Necromancer Games-expansions, I […]

Nov 182016

Dear readers!   Right now, legendary publishers Frog God Games, Kobold Press and Green Ronin Publishing are having a massive humble bundle…and it’s for a good cause…   So please, take a look here and see whether you can fill in the gaps of your collections!   Have a great week-end! Endzeitgeist out.

Sep 122016

Dear patreons, dear readers!   It’s been too long since I did one of these, but with the unpleasant real life matters leaving me off the hook, I figured it’s time NOW!   Design Camp by Storm Bunny Studios: Okay, perhaps you never had that experience, but back in the day, before Kobold Press was […]

Jul 282016
Tales from the Tabletop: Year One (Comic)

Tales from the Tabletop: Year One (Comic) Okay, now for something completely different: This book clocks in at 60 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 7 pages advertisement (unless I’ve miscounted, 1 page back cover, leaving 50 pages of content, so let’s take a look!   So how does this book work out? […]

Jun 242016
Endy to Indy update!

Dear readers!   I am humbled by your outpouring of support – both from you, my loyal and faithful readers and by all the fine people in the industry that made the bundle the success it already is – if this keeps up, I’ll actually be at gencon to roll the bones and talk with […]

Jun 132016

Dear readers,   starting tomorrow, I’ll be en route for a brief trip to the city of Copenhagen. I will return next week-end; until then, there unfortunately won’t be any new reviews, but I’ll certainly return with full force next week. I have a couple of big whoppers ready for you. And yes, this includes […]

Jun 082016

Dear patreons, dear readers!   It’s once again time for me to highlight some worthwhile, interesting kickstarters running at the moment, but before we do:   Swords for Hire is looking for submissions for the fourth installment of their Villain Codex-series, so if you have a cool villain in your campaign, you might want to […]

Apr 272016

Dear readers,   sometimes, campaigns go odd ways – this was one of them. When we ran RotRL, a certain ghost nymph in Part III was rather popular and instead of going for the offered boons (Mantle as a Courtier of the Seelie Court of Autumn or an item based on the nymph-ghost’s claws), my […]