Sep 082017

Dear readers,   I’ve gushed on and on about how excited I am about this book….and it’s FUNDED! 400+ pages. Full-color. With that art. And an all-star design team of crunch-experts and brilliant writers. Oh, yeah. The hardcover-price in the KS is $49 – not even kidding you. (Do the math…that’s a bang for buck […]

Sep 012017

Dear readers!   Pyromaniac Press provides quality adventures with great art and maps, and more importantly, a great story that oozes passion; the What Lies Beyond Reason AP started off slow, but deliberately so – the establishing adventures have created a glorious set-up, which proceeded to reap the benefits of this decision, culminating in a […]

Aug 162017

So, thanks to my friends and the gracious support of some of my readers, I once again have a proper, working PC that does not lag.   In fact, I was crazy lucky and found a gamer dad who was selling his machine due to a lack of time to play, so the machine is […]

Aug 142017
Where to Start? Pulp Fantasy Campaign

Where to Start? Pulp Fantasy Campaign   The idea for this series was provided by one of my patreons, so thank you!   Okay, so we’ve been there, right? Staring at PFRPG/roleplaying in general…and being just blown away by the VAST number of options, books, etc. We don’t always have time to look up all […]

Apr 162017

A heartfelt and happy Ôstara to you all, my faithful friends, supporters and readers!   May today bring you nothing but joy! 😀   Endzeitgeist out.

Apr 132017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   In all brevity: RL is kicking me around pretty hard and has been for all the week. I will provide reviews for you on the holiday week-end to make up for the decreased output you’ve been seeing throughout this week.   Back to the grindstone for me, Endzeitgeist out.

Apr 072017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   The following kickstarters may be of interest for you:   Bloodlines & Black Magic by Storm Bunny Studios (PFRPG): An occult-7 variant of PFRPG situated in our own world sounds cool; taking a look at the all-star cast of designers, it becomes amazing. Fully funded, the project has a ton […]

Mar 282017

Dear readers!   There currently are a lot of cool kickstarters running for our hobby and two of them are approaching their finish line, both of them funded!   The first would be:   Perilous Vistas by Frog God Games: The Frogs are masters of old-school gaming, and while I love their Necromancer Games-expansions, I […]