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Dear readers,


it’s that time again! There are some cool kickstarters that warrant your support!


Those Dam Goblins! Revision (OSR/5e) by Fail Squad Games/Lloyd Metcalf Inc.

Lloyd Metcalf is not only author, illustrator, etc., he is a veteran in the industry who has also delivered a rather impressive amount of different projects and has an established track record of delivering, even before projected delivery dates. This KS, fully funded with 8 days to go, is funding the full-color/deluxe treatment of the module! The buy-in is really cheap as well, at $15 for print. You can take a look at the project here!


Campaign Elements 9: Both Foul and Deep (DCC) by Purple Duck Games

Purple Duck Games makes phenomenal DCC-supplements and now, there is a drive to allow them to release their next installment of the Campaign Elements series as PWYW. The GoFundMe still has some way to go, but at a humble $800 funding goal, it doesn’t take many donors to make it it happen. Take a look here!


Tome of Horrors Reborn (5e…+Bonus-level for PFRPG/OSR-gamers) by Frog God Games

If you don’t know what the Tome of Horrors is, it’s pretty much the most massive collection of old-school critters I know. Now, the book is coming to 5e, bring a ton of amazing critters to the game. If you’re preferring PFRPG or Swords & Wizardry, well, you’re in luck: The so far unreleased monsters that will be included in the book can be backed on the KS as well! The book is fully funded, 18 days to go – take a look here!


Creature Codex (aka Tome of Beasts II) (5e) by Kobold Press

Does the sequel to pretty much the biggest, most impressive monster book for 5e currently out there really need me to sell it to you? Tome of Beasts provided challenging, deadly, gorgeous adversaries galore – and now we’re moving on to another colossal tome of deadly awesomeness. ToB is a milestone…so if the Kobolds can maintain that level of quality, this will be a masterpiece. The KS is fully funded (big surprise) and has 28 days to go…and yes, it will break the 100K-marker! Check out this KS here!


Kobold/Frog God Humble Bundle for 5e!

While we’re on the subject of 5e! Kobold Press and Frog God Games have joined forces for the good cause and are currently offering a massive humble bundle! You can check it out here!


Finally, if you consider my reviews helpful, please considering donating to my patreon here!


Happy backing!

Endzeitgeist out.


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