Nov 142017

Dear readers,   My week-end was less than pleasant. My godmother brought me a nice roast from my mum – unfortunately, the cooling chain must have been interrupted – the week-end and yesterday was mostly spent dealing with the fallout from the food-poisoning. It’s not an experience I’m keen to repeat.   While I don’t […]

Aug 142017
Where to Start? Pulp Fantasy Campaign

Where to Start? Pulp Fantasy Campaign   The idea for this series was provided by one of my patreons, so thank you!   Okay, so we’ve been there, right? Staring at PFRPG/roleplaying in general…and being just blown away by the VAST number of options, books, etc. We don’t always have time to look up all […]

Jul 172017

Dear readers,   I will be incredibly busy for the remainder of July – to the point where the whole daily communication routine (I spend at least 1 hour a day replying to mails) is just not possible.   I have smashed through a ton of content in this month so far (more than 1000 […]

May 192017

Miscellaneous Musings: On Horror Part II   First things first: In case you missed part I, here’s the link!   The TL;DR-version of Part I is: The Castle of Otranto and Wieland exemplify early horror, focusing on anxieties; internalized and externalized, with loss of control and a feeling of helplessness as a leitmotif, in one […]

Apr 052017
Miscellaneous Musings - Music Review: Nociceptor - Penumbra

Miscellaneous Musings – Music Review: Nociceptor – Penumbra And now for something completely different! I was actually sent a Cd and asked to review it as a prioritized review, so there you go!   First of all, I feel I have to explain where I’m coming from. As quite a few of you know, I […]

Mar 102017

Miscellaneous Musings: My Stance on the Depiction of Nazis in Gaming   So, this miscellaneous musing was ultimately prompted by several designers and friends asking, time and again, for my stance on the issue of the depiction of Nazis in media as adversaries and whether I am comfortable with it. The answer to the question, […]