Dec 162016
Miscellaneous Musings: EZG in the US Part II

Part I can be found here! So people kept telling me that there’d be a massive difference between Northern and Southern California…and frankly, I did not grasp, even remotely, how pronounced the difference would be. Our first stop along the route to Los Angeles, after leaving the mind-boggling splendor and majesty of Big Sur, was […]

Oct 262016

Dear patreons, dear readers,   it has come to my attention that awesome kickstarters were running during my hiatus…and actually *are still running! They both make me curse that the trip to teh US has left me in no position to support either, but rest assured that I’d back them in a heartbeat!   Demon […]

Sep 172016

Miscellaneous Musings: Top 5 Chocolates you can (easily) get in Germany   And now for something completely different! I’ve been asked by one of my readers to provide a list of my favorite German chocolates you can get around here.   Well, turns out that most of them are handcrafted, rare chocolates that you can […]