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This is Endzeitgeist, I guess – also known as the Runelord of Evaluation on the Paizo-boards and frequent contributer to GMS magazine, Nerdtrek and many more sites. I am a part-time reviewer of roleplaying games-supplements and a German, though my heart belongs to Scandinavia and I have lived in Norway for some time. I consider myself (a)part of/from the Goth and Metal-subcultures and my interests include literature, culture, philosophy, science and languages in general, so prepare for an eclectic mixture of topics and themes here!


The kick-ass EZG-logo was created by Tommi Salama.



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  2 Responses to “About EZG”

  1. Love your reviews and you actually inspired me to be more critical in my own expenditures when looking into products to enhance my gameplay. Seriously stoked to have someone with such similar ideals around and reviewing books the way you do!

    Keep up the great work and love the site!

    • Thank you for commenting and your kind words, Cori! I’m happy my reviewing provides some help and guidance for you. 🙂
      It’s comments like this that help me keep going in spite the huge work-load and less pleasant aspects of reviewing.

      Thank you!

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