Feb 132018
Cave of Seiljua (OSR)

Cave of Seiljua (OSR) This is a one-page-dungeon; as such, the dungeon and all text literally fit on, well, one page. There are no stats here, with monster-names bolded instead; the map is hand-drawn, in full-color, and surprisingly well-done – while a player-friendly, key-less version on a second page would have been appreciated, I still […]

Dec 062017
A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet (OSR/system agnostic)

A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet (OSR/system agnostic) Okay, so, not counting front and back cover, this little pamphlet clocks in at 17 pages, one page of which is devoted to an explanation regarding inspiration, as well as editorial information, art credits, etc. Half a page is the advertisement for the expanded book soon to be […]

Nov 012017
Pergamino Barocco (OSR/system agnostic)

Pergamino Barocco (OSR/system agnostic) This booklet clocks in at 24 pages of content, once you take away the editorial, front and back cover, etc. This review is based on the print-version (digest-sized, A5/6’’ by 9’’), on the economy-version of the booklet, to be precise – I do not own the original leporello version.   Okay, […]