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Dear readers!

While OBS is working out their kinks, I figured, I’d draw your attention to a couple of Indie Kickstarters you may have missed!

Cha’alt (OSR) by Kort’thalis Publishing

Venger is an author with a distinct narrative voice, and much to my joy, he is returning to a non D6-dice-pool-based project with his latest book, a magnum opus of sorts: Cha’alt is a post-apocalpyse science-fantasy setting that looks like it’ll be able to recapture and perhaps even surpass his Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence masterpiece. If you are looking for a beautiful book, smythe-sewn hardbacks are available! The KS is almost funded and you can check it out here!

Lex Draconis (Modern) by Higher Grounds Gaming

Raymond Machuga contacted me about this project, which has a unique baseline. traumatized dragons in the Modern world? Now I haven’t seen this one before! The author has quite a few kickstarters under his belt, and while one for a new RPG-setting is not yet finished, the others are. You can check out this kickstarter here!

The Haunting of Hastur Hardback Omnibus Edition (OSR/5e) by Dark Naga Adventures

This one is a no-brainer; full disclosure: I did some editing on the final module’s 5e-version, but even before that, the Haunting of Hastur-series stood out as something remarkable these days: A series of adventures that is very distinctly rooted in D&D traditions, but that is still very much NOT about murder-hoboing everything. Instead, you get to use your brain and do things that actually matter! Recolored and combined in one tome, with 5e and OSR-options, and considering the author’s excellent track record, this one is almost fully funded for a reason! You can check it out here!

The fundraiser by roleplaying game creator Jeremy Tangman has almost made the goal – but only almost. Jeremy is still missing a relatively small sum – $250 as per the writing of this, but it’s due soon, and facebook fundraiser donations will, at this point, be too slowly processed. You can directly donate to Jeremy quicker by using this e-mail address; you can directly contact him by writing here! And guess what – you can get a huge bunch of RPG-swag by donating – check out this list of stuff!

(Coincidentally, if you’ve been on the edge about Haunting of Hastur – guess what? You can get the first three Haunting Of Hastur modules by donating that way – and believe me, you’ll be hooked by the time you put the second module down!)

All right, that’s it for now. After a ton of trying, I managed to get two reviews posted, in spite of OBS’ server issues. Here’s to hoping that I can flood you all with reviews tomorrow!

Cheers and all the best,

Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Always a welcome surprise! Thanks for supporting Cha’alt, hoss. It will truly be epic…

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