May 072018

Dear patreons, dear readers,   this month was crazy busy for me! At the start of the month, I finished the Mini-Dungeons series (this month, you’ll see a rating-less breakdown of the compilation-book!) and after that, I dove straight into a huge amount of really big, work-intense books. Beyond managing to finally conclude my assessment […]

May 012018

Dear readers,   Kickstarter, as a platform, is made for indie games and unique projects, and while I do not begrudge the “big” companies their kickstarter successes (because, let’s be honest, “big” still means “tiny” in the RPG-industry), the kickstarters by the small studios may fall by the wayside, drowned out in the buzz.Hence, this […]

Apr 112018

Dear readers,   ’tis the season where a ton of amazing kickstarters you may have missed are running!   Hyperborea: Beasts and Cannibals by North Wind Games (AS&SoH): Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea is the most highly recommended game/setting I currently do not own; it is high on my list to get and the […]

Apr 052018

Dear patreons, dear readers!   This was a super-busy month! I have managed to complete a ton of really work-intense reviews for you, and behind the scenes, I am cranking away at more Starfinder-reviews (AAW Games, Fat Goblin Games, Everyman Gaming, Rogue Genius Games), OSR-reviews (Lamentations of the Flame Princess and a couple of surprises), […]

Apr 032018
The GoFundMe is done, I'll be covering Pathfinder 2.0's Playtest!

Dear readers,   as you all know, there was some interest voiced among my friends and colleagues regarding me covering Pathfinder’s 2.0 playtest and providing detailed feedback for it. The campaign was a resounding success, so yeah, I will be providing detailed posts regarding Pathfinder’s 2.0 Playtest rules and my take on them; I will […]

Mar 202018

Dear readers,   it’s that time again! I found a couple of really cool KS that are worth checking out! In no particular order:   Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign (DCC) By Studio 9 Games: This project is fully funded and only has 21 hours to go, so decide quickly! The module seems to sport […]

Mar 052018

Dear patreons, dear readers!   February has been challenging, intense and intriguing in a wide variety of ways! I certainly hope that all of you had an amazing time! As you may have noticed, I have finally managed to get into a groove regarding SFRPG-releases, and it’s not the only scifi/science-fantasy/space opera material that you’ll […]

Feb 052018

Dear patreons, dear readers!   I hope that your 2018 has been awesome so far and that January brought you joy!   As some of you may have noticed, I had different plans for January: I’ve lost 2 weeks to massive water damage in my apartment and the aftermath of that catastrophe, which wrecked my […]

Jan 052018

Dear patreons, dear readers!   What I year! While I’d honestly like to write an excessive restrospective, I figured that your time is better served with me working on reviews for you! The holidays did mess up my schedule a bit, but I still managed to get out a ton of material for you fine […]