Oct 122017

Dear readers!   It’s this time again, where I highlight some worthwhile projects you may wish to support!   Aquliae: Bestiary of the Realm by Infinium Game Studios (PFRPG/5e/OSR): J. Evans Payne’s vision of massive books and unprecedented levels of customization for his Dark Obelisk saga crushed stretch-goals galore in the KS for part II […]

Oct 052017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   It has been a challenging month, but I am pretty happy with the amount of books I managed to finish!   In case you were wondering: Yes, this week (and next) will see a wide range of reviews my dear patreons, requested – beyond the prioritized ones, mind you! The […]

Sep 292017

Dear readers!   As per the writing of this review, Legendary Games’ Alien Bestiary KS is not only fully funded, it has only 37 hours to crush stretch-gaols! In case you’re wondering: Legendary Games creates some of the most amazing monsters I have ever seen and a full bestiary of them makes me all kinds […]

Sep 052017

Dear readers!   What a ride! First of all, I’d like to extend my heartfelt “Welcome!” to my new supporters! Thank you so much for joining the ride! The month has been busy, as I struggled to get back on track after losing almost a whole week to PC-troubles, but I managed to get all […]

Aug 152017

Dear readers,   while I’m wrangling my PC-situation (keep your fingers crossed for me!), here are three amazing kickstarters that deserve your patronage!   Quests of Doom 5 by Frog God Games (PFRPG/5e/OSR): So, while I’m still working on the reviews for the massive perilous vistas hardcovers, which are PF-exclusives, 5e and OSR-GMs can now […]

Aug 072017

Dear readers!   Woa, what a month. This month was incredibly busy regarding my non-online life, as many of you will undoubtedly have noticed. That being said, I take my obligations towards my supporters very serious and in spite of my required absence from the internet for about 2 weeks, I have worked very hard […]

Jul 052017

Dear patreons, dear readers! First of all, I’d like to thank my patreons for their continued support, for having my back, for their kindness! Without the support of my patreons, there would be no endzeitgeist.com. This month has been rather turbulent for me, and honestly, rather stressful. In spite of my mini-hiatus, I have exceeded […]

Jun 162017

Dear Readers!   It’s time again to highlight some amazing crowdfunding campaigns currently running!   -Culinary Magic Cookbook by Flaming Crab Games: I’m a pretty big fan of well-made subsystems and I am not alone – the crew of Flaming Crab Games pioneered a great little pdf (which can be found here! The review is […]