Dec 082017

Dear readers,   it’s that time again! There are some cool kickstarters that warrant your support!   Those Dam Goblins! Revision (OSR/5e) by Fail Squad Games/Lloyd Metcalf Inc. Lloyd Metcalf is not only author, illustrator, etc., he is a veteran in the industry who has also delivered a rather impressive amount of different projects and […]

Dec 052017

Dear patreons, dear readers,   this has been the most busy month of the year for me; I had a ton on my plate and knew as much going into the month; I did not account for the crippling weakness, nausea, fever and chills that food poisoning provided; I spent pretty much all month trying […]

Dec 012017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   While I expected to be busy in November, with correcting mock exams for university and writing Occult Underworld, the expansion for the Underworld Races and Class book (Available here for PFRPG and here for D&D 5e in pdf, and here for PFRPG and here for 5e in limited edition hardcovers!), […]

Nov 242017

Dear readers,   as you all know, I am not an American; however, a lot of my readers and friends are from the states and I like the sentiment of the holiday of saying “Thanks!” from the bottom of my heart, so here goes, if slightly belated!   First of all, my heartfelt thank you […]

Nov 072017

Dear readers,   please excuse my brevity, I am incredibly busy today and hard at work on your behalf! Since one of my readers asked: Yes, more Spheres of Power-reviews are coming! 🙂   As always: If you are eligible for a prioritized review, contact me with your request as soon as possible! Even if […]

Oct 272017

Dear Readers!   It’s that time again – this time, I present to you two interesting kickstarters that really could use your support – they both haven’t funded yet.   Design Camp 2 – The Conversion by Storm Bunny Studios (PFRPG + 5e): Okay, this one is near and dear to my heart. As some […]

Oct 122017

Dear readers!   It’s this time again, where I highlight some worthwhile projects you may wish to support!   Aquliae: Bestiary of the Realm by Infinium Game Studios (PFRPG/5e/OSR): J. Evans Payne’s vision of massive books and unprecedented levels of customization for his Dark Obelisk saga crushed stretch-goals galore in the KS for part II […]

Oct 052017

Dear patreons, dear readers!   It has been a challenging month, but I am pretty happy with the amount of books I managed to finish!   In case you were wondering: Yes, this week (and next) will see a wide range of reviews my dear patreons, requested – beyond the prioritized ones, mind you! The […]

Sep 292017

Dear readers!   As per the writing of this review, Legendary Games’ Alien Bestiary KS is not only fully funded, it has only 37 hours to crush stretch-gaols! In case you’re wondering: Legendary Games creates some of the most amazing monsters I have ever seen and a full bestiary of them makes me all kinds […]