Patreon Update 09/18

Dear readers,

September was busy, as mentioned before, but I have managed to get quite a lot reviews done on  behalf of my patreons nonetheless! Here’s the list!

Raging Swan Press – 20 Things: Ocean Voyages (system neutral)

Raging Swan Press – 20 Things: Curio Shop & Pawnbrokers (system neutral)

Melsonian Arts Council – Troika! RPG (OSR)

Wayward Rogues Publishing – Venommancer Hybrid Class

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Unchained Kangaroos Dire Edition

Legendary Games – Legendary Gunslingers

Raging Swan Press – 20 Things: Townsfolk & Villagers (system neutral)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Magic Hacks (SFRPG)

Rogue Genius Games – Starfarer’s Codex: Legacy Gunslinger (SFRPG)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.DELUXE: Starfarer Grafts (SFRPG)

Rogue Genius Games – Starfarer’s Codex: Toonimancy (SFRPG)

Lost Pages – Into the Odd (OSR)

Lost Pages – Odditional Materials (OSR)

Fat Goblin Games – Secret Societies of Vathak: The People of Ash

Fat Goblin Games – Faces of Vathak: Survivors

Purple Duck Games – Rogues of Porphyra

Fat Goblin Games – Vathak Terrors: Cursed of the Ursatur

Hydra Cooperative – Fever-Dreaming Marlinko (OSR)

Legendary Games – Legendary Shifter

Daimon Games – Black Dogs ‘zine #3 (OSR)

Dreamscarred Press – Bloodforge Infusions: Feathers and Fur

Drop Dead Studios – Spheres Apocrypha: Destruction Talents

AAW Games – Star System Set: Querritix (Full Set) (SFRPG)

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Squishikins

Raging Swan Press – 20 Things: Ruined Castle (system neutral)

Legendary Games – Royal Tournaments

Drop Dead Studios – Spheres Apocrypha: Dark Talents

Expeditious Retreat Press – Advanced Adventures: The Lost Keys of Solitude (OSR)

Kyoudai Games – Thunderscape Nights: Mission of Mercy

Jon Brazer Enterprises – Deadly Delves: Rescue from Tyrkaven

Echelon Game Design – Echelon Reference Series: Alchemist (3pp + PRD)

As always, I’d like to urge any patreons to contact me as soon as possible if you’re eligible for a prioritized review in October – and even if you aren’t, do let me know what you’d like me to cover! 🙂

There is another big announcement I’d like to make right now:

As of yesterday, I have officially taken the mantle of Legendary Games’ lead developer! I couldn’t be more stoked to work with the talented and passionate team of Legendary Games!

What does that mean for reviews of LG books? Well, I will finish covering the books I had no part in; after all, I took the coupons and owe a review.

For those books that I will work on in the future, I will provide basically a developer’s commentary, providing the insight you’ve grown accustomed to, without adding a rating.

If you have any concerns, questions and the like, don’t hesitate to contact me here, via my homepage’s contact-tab, or another means at your disposal! I will reply on Monday, as the week-end’s for gaming and playtesting.

I hope you had an amazing start of my favorite month!


If you enjoy what I’m doing, please consider supporting my patreon here! Every little bit helps to keep going!

I remain faithfully yours,

Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. egdcltd says:

    Congratulations! A “legendary” accomplishment.

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