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Dear Readers!


It’s time again to highlight some amazing crowdfunding campaigns currently running!


-Culinary Magic Cookbook by Flaming Crab Games:

I’m a pretty big fan of well-made subsystems and I am not alone – the crew of Flaming Crab Games pioneered a great little pdf (which can be found here! The review is here!) and people loved it; I know I did. Now, they have successfully crowdfunded a massive expansion book…and you can contribute your favorite recipes and have them made into magical meals or have meals memorialized! Better yet, if you’re like me and somewhat of a foodie, the book actually features the steps to make those delicious meals yourself! And seriously, having some amazing food beyond the standard dew & chips at the gaming table is glorious, right? So yeah, I’d urge you to check out this KS (and the hilariously deadpan video!) here! (And yes, I’ll punch myself later for the bad deadpan-pun…)


-S’rulyan Vault II by Kort’thalis Publishing (system neutral):

Do you like big (as in “colossal”) old-school blue dungeon-maps, made by great cartographers? Well, Kort’thalis Publishing is currently funding their second campaign to bring such an environment to your table and they do have a track record of delivering delightfully-tentacled goods speedily and efficiently. You can find it right here!


-The Book of Exalted Darkness by Mike Myler & Legendary Games (5e):

Picture a world indebted to the aesthetics of art déco, wherein the forces of good have an edge, a kind of retro-utopia. Now picture being one of the few remaining bad guys in such a world. Yes, this most certainly has a thoroughly unique pitch, is fully funded, and as per the posting of this, its funding period is nearing completion. While I tried hard to get the FREE sample pdfs done in time, I just didn’t have the time – but that does not mean that you should not check them out: The Evil Primer can be found here and a short sample module, Killing the Golden Twins, is right here! After looking through these two, you should have a very good grasp of what to expect from this tome (and be able to make an informed decision – but make haste, the KS is almost over!)…so check them out and take a look at the KS here!


Finally, if you enjoy my shout-outs, reviews and ramblings, please consider supporting me on patreon – I rely on each and every one of my supporters and every little bit helps! You can take a look at my patreon here!


Endzeitgeist out.


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2 Responses

  1. Mike Myler says:

    Thanks EZG! We’ve since released a third free PDF (the Mad Scientist Class Playtest) *and* there’s also a do-gooder supplement (Book of Celestial Heroes) for folks that aren’t down for being vile, despicable villains (for JUSTICE!) 😀

  2. Thanks for mentioning The S’rulyan Vault II. 😉

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