Patreon Update 10/18

Dear readers,


it’s been a super-busy month for yours truly, but I do think that I’ve managed to write more than a few reviews of cool books for your to check out:


Paizo – Pathfinder Playtest Analysis I – Ancestries

Kort’thalis Publishing – Blood Dark Thirst (OSR)

Kyoudai Games – Thunderscape: Iron Guard Field Guide

Expeditious Retreat Press – Advanced Adventures: The Conqueror Worm (OSR)

Fat Goblin Games – Call to Arms: Deck of Cards

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Magus Arcana

Gunmetal Games/Word Fire Press – Club Anyone: An Interface Zero Novel (novel)

Paizo – Pathfinder Playtest Analysis I – Ancestries v.1.4 Addendum

Raging Swan Press – 20 Things: Traveller’s Inn (system neutral)

Purple Duck Games – Mutants in Toyland (MCC)

Aleph Null Publishing – Black Sun Deathcrawl (DCC)

Drop Dead Studios – The Creator’s Handbook

Raging Swan Press – 20 Things: Lich’s Lair (system neutral)

Expeditious Retreat Press – Advanced Adventures: The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor (OSR)

Violent Media – The Unfortunate Circumstance of Dame Margaret Pearl (OSR)

Lost Spheres Publishing – Classes of the Lost Spheres: Zodiac

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Yroometji (SFRPG)

Fat Goblin Games – Castle Falkenstein: The Black Lady of Brodick Castle: An Adventure Entertainment (Falkenstein)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Expansion Bays (SFRPG)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Dragon Disciple (SFRPG)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess – The God That Crawls (OSR)

Paizo – Pathfinder Playtest Analysis II – On Backgrounds and Skills

Lamentations of the Flame Princess – Tales of the Scarecrow (OSR)

Dreamscarred Press – Lords of the Wild

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Kitsune Kineticist Options

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Bloodline Mutations

Goodman Games – They Served Brandolyn Red (DCC)

Legendary Games – The Smuggler’s Seal

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Hecaviogos Levialogi

Playground Adventures – Nightmares on Parade (5e)

Frenzy Kitty Games – Children of the Fall (Story Game)

Fat Goblin Games – Shadows over Vathak: Echo of Plagues

Goodman Games – The Sinister Sutures of the Sempstress (DCC)

Goodman Games – Shadow under Devil’s Reef (DCC)

AAW Games – Halloween Mini-Dungeon: The Horror of Ochre Grove

AAW Games – Halloween 5E Mini-Dungeon: The Horror of Ochre Grove (5e)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess – Death Love Doom (OSR)

Cloudstepping Media – Mystic Pangolin ‘zine #1 (OSR)

Jon Brazer Enterprises – Book of Heroic Races Compendium

Gamer Printshop – Rogue’s Run (SFRPG)


What do I have planned for November? Well, for one, I will conclude my analysis of PF Playtest. The organization of the book and the update 1.4 that hit at a time that couldn’t have been worse for me did throw a wrench in my plans, but I’m back on track. As many of you know, I’m also quite OCD, so while it hasn’t been requested, I will also cover the latest Halloween-module recently released by Goodman Games. The previous ones had been requested, so I figured that this would be of interest to some of you. Anyhow, you’ll see a pretty big and meaty 5e-review this week, and I do plan to take you to a strange village called Saxham this week and to a big 5e-campaign setting book this month. I also have a pretty cool story game on my to-finally-write-a-review-of-the-thing-list. I’ve also been diving into Purple Duck Games’ Porphyra RPG, so expect to see the first review for this tweaked continuation of PF 1 this week. Rogue Genius Games’ Monster Menagerie also will get coverage, as it’s been requested by my fine patreons.


As always, if you’re eligible to prioritized reviews and haven’t already, please let me know as soon as possible.


Even if you are not eligible to prioritized reviews, do let me know what you’d like to see!!


If you enjoy my reviews and want to see them continue, please consider donating to my patreon. Right now, it does not cover my running costs, and in the long run, I will have to consider carefully how much time I can devote to providing the quality reviews you’ve come to expect. Every little bit helps.


As always, I remain yours truly,

Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Derfael Oliveira says:

    I would like to more Spheres of Power/Might content reviewed, particularly the ‘Trickster’s Handbook’, which focuses in the Illusion sphere.

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