Dear readers!


In all brevity, since I’m currently pretty much time-starved and need to get going, here are 3 current kickstarters I consider worthwhile:


-Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts (5th Edition):

Convert a huge array of awesome Kobold Press foes to D&D 5th edition? Heck yeah! You can check this project out here!


-Kort’thalis Publishing: Alpha Blue (OSR):

Gonzo scifi action set in a former rehabilitation facility turned space brothel? Yes, I never thought I’d write these words in relation to another. A unique, interesting set-up and the author has delivered on all previous KS – so yeah, if you were not offended by the description, take a look here!


-Frog God Games: The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces

The missing link between Rappan Athuk and Bararkus, these books connect iconic areas of the awesome campaign setting – plus, they sport a free module. (review: See above.) You can check out this cool KS here!


Gotta run, see you Monday!

Endzeitgeist out.


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