Probabilistic Options for Obnoxious Player Simulation (P-O-O-P-S) (system neutral)

Probabilistic Options for Obnoxious Player Simulation (P-O-O-P-S) (system neutral)

This one-page pdf notes that it helps you simulate the behavior of your worst player by rolling a d20 if the player can’t make it to today’s game.


The table includes entries such as “Lecture another player about how to play their character”, “make sure everyone sees this cool video you’ve found”, “cry and moan about your next failed roll and then threaten to quit.” – you get the idea; from immersion breakers to simply bad and non-constructive behavior, this provides a pretty nice list.


Instead of using it to simulate another player’s behavior in absentia (which I consider to be somewhat craven), the best use here, and certainly the one actually intended, is to print it, let all players read it once, have a chuckle and try to reign in those impulses. We’re all just human beings, and while we all may fall prey to one or more of these behaviors, this is a great check list of things to avoid.


It’s essentially a nice, winking reminder to not be a prick, and we all can use that once in a while. 😉


The pdf is PWYW, and is certainly worth leaving a small donation for. As an unpretentious and somewhat funny little best-practice booklet, this gets 3.5 stars, rounded up. Why not 5? Well, I know of plenty more entries… 😉


You can get this pdf here on OBS for PWYW.


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