Patreon-Update 10/2015

Dear Patreons, dear readers!


October, one of my favorite months, turned out to be a huge step forward for me as a person as well as in my capacity as a reviewer. All the unpleasantness and existential anxiety of September (sported by a wrecked car and similar “awesome” things) is slowly abating. While last week had a nasty surprise in store for me (higher electricity bills – yay!), I am pretty thankful for an awesome month.

Some of you may have heard about the refugee-situation in Europe, with many people fleeing war-torn Syria. Well, I may be a cynical bastard and I may not be able to donate vast lumps of money…but I can use my academic skills in another way. Some capable friends of mine and yours truly have begun creating language-acquisition videos to help the people find jobs and a place in our society and facilitate integration. This project has not only been incredibly fulfilling and stunning (we e.g. got access to a professional sound-stage etc.), it also turned out to be a lot of work I gladly provide – if we don’t help, who will? So yes, with my meager means and skills, I’m doing my best to improve this piece of rock we call home. I was a bit afraid my reviewing would suffer from this commitment, but your support has strengthened my resolve to keep this course. Thank you for having my back!


On an even better note, while it was a huge amount of work, I have not shirked my duties to you, quite the contrary, actually: I managed to get a huge amount of big books done, including, FINALLY, the rather impressive Thunderscape Campaign Setting and the long-delayed Dark Deeds in Freeport. A personal highlight for me was also the rhyming review of Poetica Mundi – I hope I haven’t butchered your language too much. 😉

So what will November bring us? A lot, that’s for sure! My catching-up spree will continue its slow but relentless pace. I will also continue to provide GUMSHOE, DCC, OSR and 13th Age-reviews since you told me to – and, quite frankly, the regular change of pace keeps system-fatigue at bay. So yes, you’ll see some big books there.

I’m planning to catch-up (at least a little) with TPK Games, AAW Games and Interjection Games, so look forward to that! LPJ Design’s Chronicle of the Gatekeepers is also among the pdfs I plan to cover in detail, as is LRGG’s Alternate Paths: Martials.


Some of you have already determined their prioritized reviews for November. If you are eligible to a prioritized review, please tell me as soon as possible – it takes me at least 2 weeks to properly digest a book.You can contact me either via patreon or via’s contact-tab.

So far, I’m aware of the following prioritized reviews:


Rite Publishing – Lost in Dream (this is a novel and may take longer, though I’ll try to get it done.)

Playground Adventures – A Friend in Need

Flying Pincushion – Into the Breach: The Inquisitor

Savage Mojo – Dungeonlands II – Machine of the Lich Queen (provided the revised edition hits sites in time)


All right, so that’s that. As always, I am staying true to my word: Here is the list of reviews that ONLY exists due to your generosity, that only exists due to your support. None of these would have been written without your support and I am extremely grateful for your kindness!


Purple Duck Games – CE 6: The Crimson Void (DCC)

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Unchained: Unchained Rage

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeon: Pleasure Den

LPJ Design – Lost Races: Elves

Rusted Iron Games – Fearsome Foes Volume I: The Ravenous

Raging Swan Press – Village Backdrops: Sea Bitch

AAW Games – C06: The Community Dungeon

Fat Goblin Games – Monster Movie Matinée

Forest Guardian Press – Fighter Nuances: Options for the Fighter Base Class

LPJ Design – Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Alpha: To Save a Soul

Legendary Games – Treasury of the Kingdom

Rite Publishing – 101 Forest Spells

Flaming Crab Games – Spellstaff: The Magic User’s Weapon

Raging Swan Press – Village Backdrops: Hopespyre

Rite Publishing – 10 Angelic Magic Items

Interjection Games – One Bling to Rule Them All: Glyphed Weapon Wrappings

Kobold Press – Deep Magic (13th Age)

Legendary Games – Mythic Monsters: Lords of Law

AAW Games – C07: The Sussurus Tomb

Frog God Games – Rogues in Remballo

Kort’thalis Publishing – How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss (OSR/system-neutral)

Legendary Games – Mythic Monsters: Bugs

Fat Goblin Games – CLASSifieds: The Apothecary

Purple Duck Games – Steel and Fury (DCC)

Raging Swan Press – Village Backdrops: Kennutcat

Purple Duck Games – Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Pit Fighter

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens Volume II: Blood Rose Swarm

Rite Publishing – Gossamer Worlds: Poetica Mundi (Diceless)

Legendary Games – Mythic Monsters: Colossal

Kobold Press – Dark Deeds in Freeport

Fat Goblin Games – Carnival of Sinners

Pelgrane Press – Night’s Black Agents (GUMSHOE)

Purple Duck Games – Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Smuggler Guide

Rogue Genius Games – Monster Menagerie: Horrors of the Aboleth

Misfit Studios – The Adequate Commoner

Purple Duck Games – Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Steel Falcon

Fat Goblin Games – Shadows over Vathak: Colonies – Silhouette of a Shadow

Savage Mojo – Dungeonlands I: Tomb of the Lich Queen (Revised Edition)

Rogue Genius Games – Monster Menagerie: Lurkers in the Dark

Rite Publishing – 101 Subterranean Spells

Pelgrane Press/Ocean Game – Esoterrorists 2nd Edition (GUMSHOE)

Rite Publishing – Gossamer Worlds: Poseidon’s Rapture (DICELESS)

Rogue Genius Games – Monster Menagerie Seasonal Stars: Pumpkin Stalker

Kyoudai Games – Thunderscape: The World of Aden Campaign Setting

Purple Duck Games -Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Stalwart Defender

Raging Swan Press – Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes

4 Dollar Dungeons – The Reign of Terror


Quite an impressive list, ain’t it? 😉

Anyways, if you are enjoying my reviews and are not yet a patreon, please contemplate supporting my reviewing. Here is my patreon.

As always, I remain yours truly,

Endzeitgeist out.


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