Patreon Update 07/2016

Dear patreons, dear readers!


It has been one hell of a ride in July. Beyond the heat, real life has been very busy and not always pleasant for me and I am even prouder than usual when I look at the amount of big, work-intense reviews I finished for you:


Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens: Blood Rose Swarm (5e)

Interjection Games – Strange Magic Expanded: The Elegist

Rogue Genius Games – Four Horsemen Present: Venerable Character Options

Purple Duck Games – Kineticists of Porphyra

Legendary Games – Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Iconics: Kyr’shin Yilenzo

Kobold Press – Advanced Races Compendium (rating-less)

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens: Ophidian Vine

Raging Swan Press – I Loot the Bag of Holding! (PFRPG/system-neutral)

Silver Games – Ponyfinder: Forgotten Past

Interjection Games – Strange Magic Items: Ethermagic (rating-less)

AAW Games – Into the Wintery Gale: Raider’s Haul, a Vikmordere Magic Item Compendium

Purple Duck Games – Kineticists of Porphyra II

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeon: The Burning Tree at Coilltean Grove

Fat Goblin Games – Vathak Terrors: Horrors of Halsburg

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons: Dwarven Dread

Purple Duck Games – Adventure Avenues: The Still Grotto

Legendary Games – Legendary Planet Player’s Guide

Dire Rugrat Publishing – Tangible Taverns: Tuffy’s Good Time Palace

Dire Rugrat Publishing – Tangible Taverns: Tuffy’s Good Time Palace (5e)

AAW Games – Aventyr Bestiary

Amora Game – Bevy of Blades

Tribality Publishing – Alchemist (5e) (Revised edition)

Purple Duck Games – Kineticists of Porphyra III

TPK Games – Wardens of the Wild (PFRPG/5e) (rating-less)

Amora Game – Kemonomimi: Moe Races

Fat Goblin Games – Shadows over Vathak: Ina’oth Player’s Guide

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens Player Companion: Verids

Legendary Games – Occult Character Codex: Spiritualists

Tribality Publishing – Gunfighter Class (5e)

TPK Games – Fifth Edition Feats (5e)

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics Augmented: Focused Disciplines

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons: Howling Halls

Flaming Crab Games – Letters from the Flaming Crab: Wheel of the Year

Silver Games – Ponyfinder: Griffons of Everglow

Interjection Games – Class Expansions: Apothecary Plaguewright Archetype

AAW Games – Tales from the Tabletop: Year One

Playground Adventures – Fun & Facts: For the Hive!

TPK Games – Fifth Edition Options: Optional Rules & Mechanics (5e)

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics Augmented: Soulknives

Dark Naga Adventures/Fat Goblin Games – The Forgotten Temple of Evil (OSR/5e)


As you may have noticed, this month was pretty crunch-heavy – but fret not, fans of Raging Swan Press and adventures in general, for in August, I’ll have some seriously cool adventures…which brings me to a personal failure of mine: My plan was to get the latest 4$D review done this month, which I unfortunately didn’t manage – rest assured, it is a top-priority right now and should hit site very soon. Similarly, I didn’t manage to complete my review of Monsters of Porphyra II in time, a book that should hit site soon as well.


For my plans in August: I want to catch up with EN Publishing’s Zeitgeist AP. My print-pile is officially DONE as well – unless the  reader who has gifted me several LotFP-books steps forward and tells me to review them, that is. August will see more excursions into OSR-territory and also…the review of the current Wayfinder.


Beyond this, there currently are two worthwhile kickstarters to take a look at:


Strange Magic II for PFRPG and 5e by Interjection Games:

The sequel to the exceedingly awesome first Strange Magic book is already funded and there’s a high potential for me to be a contributing author. Plant chaos-magic, deck-building card magic and onmyōdo await! You can take a look here!


Veranthea Codex Expansion Booky by Rogue Genius Games/Mike Myler:

The unique setting of Veranthea gets more material! New print options, new books – all available here!


All righty…that out of the way: There’ll be no reviews next week. Why? Because I’ll be at gencon due to your generosity and the success of the “Bring Endy to Indy” bundle. For the first time in my life. I’m giddy like it’s my first day of school! If you’re also there, please say high, drop me a line so we can meet up and talk and just have a good time!


All right – as always, I’d like to thank all of you for your kindness and generosity – without you, there’d be no endzeitgeist. I take a bow and certainly hope I’ll be capable of personally thanking some of you next week!


Take care,
Endzeitgeist out.


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