Kickstarter-update (last call for two of them!)

Dear readers,


it’s this time again – and while speaking of Barakus…


The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces by Frog God Games:

This KS is in its final ours, well-funded and crushing through stretch-goals: Available fr PFRPG, S&W and 5th edition, these books cover the area connecting Barakus etc. with Rappan Athuk and provide a crucial component for the Lost Lands…so in case you want to combine the excellent Barakus-module with further FGG-stuff…well, then take a look, but hurry. As per the writing of this, only 60 hours remain!


Greater Rogue Glory by Drop Dead Studios:

This mini-KS only had 11 days of total running time, which may be a bit low…still, while not yet funded, this upgrade of one of my favorite rogue-supplements still has a good chance to be funded. Due to the low goal, even one or two backers could make the difference here. As per the writing of this, 51 hours remain in this KS – and I’d love to see it fund: Unchained-support? Streamlining? Yeah! The great Stealth-rules in the original book alone were worth the asking price…So if you’re interested, hurry!


Aethera Campaign Setting by Encounter Table Publishing:

This highly ambitious, high production-value scifi-fantasy setting is more than halfway funded, with 9 days to go as per the writing of this post. Robert Brookes has a grand vision here and with his ratings so far, I’m excited to see this setting. However, the book still needs support, so if a proper scifi-fantasy setting tickles your fancy, you may want to check it out as soon as possible!


All right, that’s it for now from yours truly – have a great week-end, everyone – next week, I’ll be returning to GUMSHOE and 13th Age and cover some tenebrous magic indeed – see you then!

Endzeitgeist out.


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