Kickstarter Update!

Hej everyone!

At the request of my readers, here are some interesting current KS running!


-Tome of Beasts by Kobold Press:

This massive book essentially takes all those Kobold Press-critters and converts them to 5th edition, with gorgeous full-color artwork. With only 40 hours to go as per the writing of this, you’ll have to decide fast whether to join this.

Here’s the link!


-The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces by Frog God Games:

Not only does this kickstarter comes with a glorious, free pdf (click here for the review of the module), it also constitutes the missing link in the awesome setting of the Lost Lands – from Barakus to Rappan Athuk. Better yet – the books funded are available in PFRPG, 5th Edition and S&W, offering a neat choice regarding the preferred system. With Frog God Games’ massive experience and impressive level of quality, this KS can be considered pretty much a no-brainer. Oh, and it’s almost funded with 13 days to go, so plenty of time to get those stretch-goals!

Here’s the link!


-The Aethera Campaign Setting by Encounter Table Publishing:

So, as you may know, I’m pretty much a sucker for science-fantasy – I love the diversity and concepts the mixing of genres provides. What we have here may seem problematic, a setting-book as the first of a new company. However, I am willing to believe that this one is awesome: For one, Robert Brookes, the lead-author, is someone who has scored several highly-rated products by yours truly. Secondly, the artwork is gorgeous and, from the discussions I’ve seen, this one does look very concise and well-rounded. The campaign has only 20 days to go and a lot of funding still required – probably, in part, due to a lack of exposure. So please take a look and contemplate supporting this one – it looks ambitious in all the right ways.


Here’s the link!


That’s it for now regarding kickstarters!
Endzeitgeist out.


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