Cool KS and an announcement

Hej everybody!


Currently, a couple of exceedingly cool Kickstarters are running:


LPJr Design: Obsidian Apocalypse  -Cross of Fire

What is it?

A KS for an adventure-arc that dips into the apocalyptic and dark, written by Steve Helt, among others; this one can use some love – the bang-for-buck-ratio looks neat and there simply aren’t that many modules that are this high-concept. Print-buy-in is also relatively low and if Obsidian Apocalypse was any indicator, the full color books will be gorgeous! I’d love to see this one fund!


Misfit Sudios: The Adequate Commoner

What is it?

J.M. Perkins wants to deliver a sourcebook that helps you play commoners for a completely different playing experience! The book is fully funded, so no risks on that end – for low level/gritty gaming, this will be a damn cool resource.


Frog God Games: Quests of Doom

What is it?

A collection of extremely deadly modules in the vein of the classic “Vampires and Liches” and “Devils & Demons”, brought to you by the masters of old-school modules – and the bang-for-buck-ratio is ridiculously good; Also: Excellent international shipping and low print-buy-in. pretty much a no-brainer if you like old-school.

Also: Once I’m back, I’ll share my personal, utterly insane modification of one of the modules, in case your players complain that even those hard modules are too easy…and yes, my players made it through the modified version…but can yours? Difficulty: EZG-insane. If people enjoy these, I might make a series of it. 🙂


Kobold Press: Southlands

What is it?

The sequel to Kobold Press’ superb Northlands, this kickstarter went rather viral and is chewing like stretchgoals like cheerleaders through bubblegum. If the sands and jungles and pulp interest you even in the slightest, this will probably be a no-brainer. This is one glorious beast, though the buy-in for all print books is rather high.


If I wasn’t as dirt-poor, I’d back all of these in an instant! As things stand, I’m hoping I’ll be able to back at least one of them.


On another note, ladies and gentlemen – I have been fortunate enough to have a chance to improve potentially my lot in life and thus will be on a two-week trip, during which real life will probably keep me from spending any extensive period of leisure time in front of a screen. This translates to infrequent reviews starting tomorrow; I can’t promise to get any done until I return, though I’ll try. Upon my return, more reviews will hit site – probably at the frantic pace you’ve seen in the last couple of days – I’m catching up, ladies and gentlemen! 😀


Have a good one and THANK YOU. You, dear readers, are who I do this for. My ramblings are nothing without you and I am grateful for your trust, support and encouraging words when I’m down. May your days be filled with joy!


Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. J.M. Perkins says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention Endzeitgeist! Glad the Adequate Commoner was of interest to you, I’m so thankful for all the support + shares this project has gotten and I’m very excited to publish the book.

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