Dear readers,

it’s that time again – here would be a list of current KS!


Gonzo II by Little Red Goblin Games:

This book not only comes with an open playtest, it is also funded and will bring us BATTLE BUTLERS. The Architect base class as a stretch-goal is well within the realms of possibility within these last 4 remaining days of the KS, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!


NeoExodus Campaign Setting by LPJr Design:

Also with only 4 days to go, this campaign setting has blown through a lot of cool stretch-goals, though personally, I’m particularly keen on seeing the new mythic and psionic chapters, so let’s hope this will cruise through one or better, both of them!


Wardens of the Wild by TPK Games:

My knee-jerk reaction would have been “Urgh, another elves-source-book?” – well, but this is TPK Games we’re talking about and take a look at those stretch-goal authors – yes, there are some talented folks there…ähem…and humble ole’ me. Why did I say yes to contributing? Simple – because the ideas of tying the race closer to the dreaming and making the elves a bit…weirder fits VERY well with my conception of them – and TPK Games know their dark and weird material!


Aventyr Bestiary by AAW Games:

Not many companies these days release monsters that can stand up to my VERY high standards – at this point, I’ve read so many engine-tweaks, I expect a great story and, more importantly INNOVATIVE mechanics for a monster to excel and be considered for my game. The crew at AAW Games is one of the few companies that manages to pull this off – and taking a look at the artists recruited, I can just say “WOW!” When my friend Joshua “KTFish7” Gullion was still among us, he told me about a bestiary being one of his hopes – it is great to see this hope come to fruition. With funding level reached in less than a day and stretch-goals falling, some absolutely awesome stretch-goals are coming up.


Legendary Planet Adventure Path by Legendary Games:

If you haven’t noticed this kickstarter before, I have no idea how it could have slipped past you – this is, without a doubt, the current “big one.” What do we get here? Perhaps one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever seen in a kickstarter – funding a whole, massive 7 (!!!)-part Sword & Planet-AP that also makes use of the mythic, kingdom making etc.-rules, all without making them the focus. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t think this worked, were it not Legendary Games we’re talking about. The model used is interesting – while the AP will be collected in one massive book, we’re currently in the process of funding adventure #4 – those not funded via this KS will be released, but we’ll lose out on some content. With international shipping being pretty inexpensive, this AP is ambitious and, more than anything, innovative in focus – I really, really want to see this succeed beyond all scopes and sincerely hope I can scrounge together enough bucks to back this monster. My close personal friend Paco from GMS magazine has also recorded a podcast on this topic, so if you’re interested, listen to it here!


All right, that’s it for now! Have a great week-end and see you next week with reviews for big Everyman Gaming-books, no less than 3 mythic path-pdfs and much, much more!


I remain yours truly,

Endzeitgeist out.


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