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It’s this time again, where I tell you about some worthy kickstarters and patreons currently running:


Hypercorps 2099 by Legendary Games & Mike Myler:

This is essentially a combined campaign setting and rules-overlay that allows you to create a superhero-style cyberpunk game via Pathfinder – the rules I’ve seen so far are solid and Mike Myler’s playfulness is an interesting deviation from the usual trope of the gritty cyberpunk aesthetics – though this will allow you to go Shadowrun via Pathfinder, should you choose to do so. Hypercorps still has 7 days to go, so take a look!


You can check this out here!


The Complete Northlands Saga by Frog God Games:

The first installments of Northlands Saga have been a blast for me. Why? Because, for the first time in ages, I actually saw modules there that *GOT* Viking adventures. You see, I have a degree in Scandinavian literature and culture – I’m fluent in quite a few languages and they include Norse. I know a lot about culture, aesthetics and morality – and almost everyone gets it wrong. There quite frankly may be quite a few fantasy modules set against a viking backdrop – but they do not *get* the culture. The different concepts of what’s right and what’s wrong, the morality that is not based on a direct dichotomy between good and evil, much less what constitutes acceptable behavior and what doesn’t. Kennings, dróttkvæði and similar concepts…well, let’s not start with them. Frog God Games’ Northlands Saga got that right – and whe no new modules were released, just as the series one-upped itself time and again, I was kind of sad. Now, it’s completed and back – in a massive Slumbering Tsar-level hardcover of epic proportions and I knew that this would be where my birthday’s money would go. I believe in this book – it’s massive, unique and huge and I sincerely believe, that with Kenneth Spencer and legend Greg A. Vaughan at the helm, this will crash the shores of bookshelves with the impact of a thousand dragon-ships. I whole heartedly endorse this massive book!


The KS only runs for 3 more days, so please check it out here!


As for patreons:


Interjection Games’ Bradley Crouch’s patreon for custom classes and supplements can be found here!

Raging Swan Press subscription/patreon can be found here!

Purple Duck Games’ Monsters of Porphyra II patreon is here!

The Little Red Goblin Games patreon can be found here!

You can support Rite Publishing’s free e-zine Pathways here!

Roleplaying games author Rich Howard’s patreon would be here!

J.M.. Perkins has a unique setting in the works here!

Jacob Blackmon, artist extraordinaire, has his patreon here!

Ben McFarland’s patreon would be right here!


If your gaming-related patreon or KS is not here and think it should be, please tell me so!


Finally, I’d of course appreciate it, if you found my reviews helpful in any way, if you could take a look at my own patreon. Only due to the support of generous patreons can I continue providing all these reviews.


Thank you,

Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Ken Spencer says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Endzeitgeist. I began writing Northlands Saga by reading the sagas, then moving on to historical texts both primary and secondary. I think this research is what helped me to ‘get’ the culture. Having a degree in anthropology with a concentration in historical archaeology certainly helped.

    However, I do not speak any Nordic languages, being a creature of the romance languages instead. I will let you in on a little secret in Northlands, about half the place names were created by looking at a map or Norway or Sweden, taking half the name from one town and appending the second half from another (as well as some guessing based on the research). I truly hope none of the place names in Northlands Saga translates into something off-color.

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