Feats of Fury

107355[1]By Thilo Graf

All right, you know the drill by now – Abandoned Arts, 3 pages, 1 front cover, 1 SRD, 1 content, this time giving us 10 Fury-themed feats, so let’s take a look!

  • Bloodlust: Gain a moral bonus to melee atk and damage vs. undamaged opponents equal to your will-save. Cool feat, especially to mop up wak foes.
  • Brawling Opportunist: +1 AoO per round, which must be unarmed, but does not require you to have a free weapon. Also, unarmed AoOs are never offhand for you. Neat!
  • Channelled Rage: Now we’re talking! Creatures with the Rage-quality that are affected by your channelled energy can enter a rage as an immediate action and ge their first round of rage "free". Similarly, those already in rage get a free round of rage upon your channelling that does not count vs. their daily maximum. Very cool feat of class ability synergies and teamwork – Two thumbs up!
  • Demolishing Charge: Add your atk to Str-checks and damage when charging unattended objects. Essentially the Juggernaut-feat. Neat!
  • Focused Rage: Your AC-penalty when raging do not apply to the first foe hit in your first round of rage. Furthermore, it does not apply vs. the first enemy hit in a moment of clarity. Ok, I guess.
  • Grudge-Bearer: When damaged by a foe against who you have a racial bonus to atk, you gain half the damage received as a bonus to weapon damage on the next attack vs that foe. Cool in that it makes racial foe-bonuses still significant at higher levels.
  • Infuriating Combatant: When making a combat manoeuvre vs. a foe, you may use the intimidate-function of your Antagonize-feat as a move-action as long as you do so before the end of your next turn. Again, neat feat!
  • Raging Lunacy: While raging, you may opt to not apply your wis-mod to will-saving throws while raging. Cool especially for DMs wanting to portray frothing, raging madmen.
  • Racous Spell (Metamagic): +1 spell-level. Your spellcasting imposes a penalty equal to the spell’s level on perception and concentration-checks as long as the spell persists. Concentration-checks to cast language-dependant spells take double the penalty.
  • Rebellious Will: When successfully making a will-save vs. an opponent’s spell or effect, you gain a +1 stacking bonus against will-saves against the effect that prompted it for one hour, regardless of source. The effect stacks with itself and all other effects. This one could be a tad bit more powerful for my tastes.


Editing and formatting are very good, I only noticed minor glitches like "rage" in lowcaps. Layout adheres to Abandoned Art’s no-frills, two column standard and the pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none at this length. Neat! For the first time in Abandoned Art’s feat-line, I get a pdf where I have nothing significant to complain about and indeed, channelled rage alone as a feat is, at least imho, worth the low asking price. Do your barbarian a favour and pick this cheap pdf up – chances are you won’t regret it! My final verdict? 5 stars, falling only marginally sort of the seal of approval. Well done!

Endzeitgeist out.

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