“Thank you” sounds inadequate…

…but it’s the only meager way language offers to describe the level of gratitude I feel right now. I am humbled beyond belief at the outpouring of support you folk show.


I always stood up for being a gamer and told non-gamers that we’re good people. But the nagging cynic in me never really let me believe that I was making a difference. No matter how many hits my reviews scored, I honestly expected this patreon to end up with cicadas chirping and tumbleweeds.


I can’t fathom the level of support you’ve shown me so far – I honestly never expected to hit even the second milestone and you’ve crushed it in less than 24 hours. I am stupefied. Dumbfounded. Euphoric.


I also realize the responsibility I have to shoulder now – I will NOT let you fine folks down. I have a bunch of reviews written and finished, all ready for publication next week – and I’m going to ask *you* what you’ll liek to see me tackle next. I will compile a list and see to it that you receive what you want – the reviews of the files that interest you.


Once again, thank you – you blow my mind!

Endzeitgeist out.


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