EZG Bullet Point-reviews #1: Pathways #36, #37, #38, #39

As you may have noticed, real life’s been busy – so I’m trying to catch up to the backlog and hence, I had to make a decision – while usually, I write full reviews for Pathways-issues, this time, I’ll just give you brief bullet points for each issue – they’re free, after all, so go and download them and judge for yourself!


Pathwayys #36


Highlights: Great time-themed template by Steven D. Russell (wished it had synergy with RGG’s Time Thief, though), psionic red grindylow by Elton Robb, great rakshasa monk by Creighton Broadhurst


Flaws: Formatting of my Top Ten-list a bit awakward.


Final verdict: 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.


Pathways #37


Highlights: Ruination Creature by Steven D. Russell neuters healing; Creighton Broadhurst’s fighter level 14 Lilith Girisu is neat. Laughed at the “Path less travelled”-comic by Jacob Blackmon, nice to see interview with my friend Joshua Gullion of AaW Games. Formnatting of my reviews is very good! (thanks)


Flaw: Pet-peeve – don’t like female characters being called Lilith, unless its THE Lilith; (A certain important someone at the Paizo-boards is exempt from this rule.)

Final Verdict: 5 stars, short of seal due to being somewhat brief.


Pathways #38


Highlights: Dread Banshee alternate banshee template; wail makes you run; people that fail hard die. 2 solid NPCs by Creighton Broadhurst; Laughed out loud in “Path less travelled” because I had EXACTLY that situation happen at my table.

Flaw: Formatting of reviews a bit blocky. that’s nitpicky, though.


Final verdict: It’s free, has nice parts – 5 stars.


Pathways #39


Highlights: Truly stellar anti-movement, foes-engulfing amber creature template by Steven D. Russell. Glorious. Ghast wizard and minotaur fighter by Creighton Broadhurst also neat. Formatting of review-section AWESOME this time around.


Flaws: No significant ones.


Final verdict: For FREE? 5 stars + seal of approval.


Endzeitgeist out.


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