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This pdf from Spes Magna Games is 20 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page ToC and editorial and 1 page SRD, leaving 17 pages of content, so let’s check this out!

Dodeca Weather has, as the introduction explains, two essential goals – one is to provide a more detailed and logical weather system to create an immersive and consistent depiction of weather that takes more elements into account. The second is the rehabilitation of the d12, which finally gets something to do! In the spirit of giving the poor d12 something to do, novices are introduced how to e.g. roll a 1d24, but that just only as a side note of this review.

The pdf essentially provides you with a logical, detailed weather generator, but how? It starts by providing a table of base temperatures by season with 12 different columns, also factoring cloudiness and weather events into account. If you want to, you can roll cloudiness and weather events. It should be noted that cold winds and e.g. humidity are also taken into account.

Secondly, we determine the climate and modify the base temperature by the general climatic region. After that, we take a look at the altitude modifiers and the general terrain. Once we have determined that, we take a look at the weather events – they are covered in extensive tables as well and cover blizzards, cold snaps, downpours, dust storms, sleet etc. – just about every events is covered with durations, wind speeds and precipitation-information if applicable.

These weather-effects are elaborated and collected with their hampering of skills and similar capabilities, collecting all this information in a concise manner. Of course, weather tends to have consequences and flash floods, heat and cold dangers, sunburns and similar effects are also covered by this pdf.

Even better, we also get a comprehensive wind speed-table that provides all of the effects in a comprehensive manner. And then, there are the strange weather phenomena: Want to rain slimy goo or frogs on PCs? Covered. Blue Moons and Hunter’s Moons? Covered. Cursed and blessed rainbows? YES!

Predicting the weather via skills is also covered and the pdf closes with a logical, easy to read weather worksheet and an example on how to fill the sheet out.


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn’t notice a single glitch. Layout adheres to a horizontal standard to make room for all the tables and text generally adheres to a one-column standard. The pdf comes with extensive bookmarks and artwork is b/w and stock. So, do we need a pdf to generate weather? I say: Why not! I pride myself in creating a logical fantasy world in my home game, one that is internally consistent and this pdf does a lot to make that much more varied and easier. This is one of those little pdfs that could easily be overlooked, which would seriously be a pity, for the pdf is stellar: It’s logical and Mark L. Chance’s writing is easy to understand, structured and fun. Plus, this pdf makes the whole endeavour of creating weather forecasts simple and yet varied. A great pdf, professionally presented and cool – essentially a “So what’s the weather like, anyway?”-book of the highest calibre – for less the a buck! I really hope we’ll see a second pdf with magical weather. My final verdict? Nothing to complain about, great utility and one of the tools DMs are likely to absolutely adore – 5 stars + endzeitgeist seal of approval.

Endzeitgeist out.

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