Crisis of the World-Eater: The Collected Epic

Crisis of the World-Eater: The Collected Epic

The collected version of the Crisis of the World-Eater-serial clocks in at 106 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial/ToC, 1 page SRD, 2.5 pages of advertisement, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 99.5 pages of content.


Now, I have spent already too many hours dissecting what started with such promise in the Prologue – which is included herein, fyi. You can read my dissections of the modules and their countless issues in my individual reviews – you can just click on the tag on and have them all at your beck and call.


I’m just going to talk about this in function of its compilation aspect.

Nothing has been reorganized.

The oddly out of place supplemental articles are found at the end of each adventure section.

They have not been assigned to an appendix.

Instead, the book is basically all modules, slapped together sans rhyme or reason, back to back. You’ll still need to do copious flipping back and forth during attempting to run the mess of book 3, referencing the lesser mess of book 2, since crucial stats haven’t been reprinted where they belong…

Most insultingly, the REQUIRED NPC-stats from the “Adversaries of Crisis”-pdf, you know the ones that adventure #3 constantly uses?

They have NOT been implemented in the module.


“Collected”, hmm?

Don’t make me laugh.


At this point, please imagine me using one form of expletive or another after every second word.


Alternatively, picture a pirate with a German accent going on a 5-minute-swearing tirade that would make the most hardened sailor blush. Now you get how listening to me reviewing this must have sounded for my neighbors.


Oh, before you get it wrong:

Not only have the stats not been implemented into the third module…oh no! The bonus pdf, you know, the one you absolutely NEED in order to run module #3? Well, it’s actually not part of the deal for the “COLLECTED EPIC”!


No, I am not kidding.


Yeah. How’s that for you? You buy the “collected epic” and can’t run module #3 because it’s incomplete.




…Oh, and the player-friendly maps at the end of the stand-alone modules? NOPE. Not in here.

Hope you got those stand-alone modules, otherwise you’ll be looking as mighty pissed as I am right now.

This manages to F*** up even being a compilation!!

You’re actually better served getting the individual modules! Now how’s that for a slap in the face???


I’m not even gonna bother with a conclusion. This review has seen more care go into it than this insult of a compilation.


This compilation is a slap in the face of anyone who bought it, and not the individual modules.


Even if you’re willing and motivated to invest the untold hours required to make this series work, don’t get this compilation. Get the individual modules instead. Steer clear of this insult of a book.


This made me ASHAMED of having ever recommended the kickstarter that gave birth to this abomination of a hackneyed series. In my defense: LPJ Design, at one point, had made several good books.


I hereby profusely apologize to ANYONE who got this series due to hearing about its KS from me. I offer my sincerest, heartfelt apologies. I’ve literally never been so ashamed, embarrassed for and angry about a series of pdfs.


Even If you like the ideas in the series, take a look at the above, at my reviews of the modules. Do you *really* want to support such business practices?


This “compilation” is the final nail in the coffin.


It’s nigh impossible to make an even sloppier compilation.


This type of behavior and poor overall quality gave 3pps a bad name back in 3.X.


The series’ insulting lack of care and obvious “this’ll do”-sloppiness is what we all fought so hard to get rid off.


Please, for the love of all you hold dear and sacred: Don’t reward it.


Final verdict? 1 star is too much. I’d give this compilation 0 stars if I could.


No. I am not even gonna dignify this by linking to it. F*** this book.


Endzeitgeist out.



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