Cool KS: Veranthe Codex – Only 5 days to go!

Hej everybody,


in case yesterday’s and today’s review were not enough of an indicator – there currently is a kickstarter running that closes this week-end, one spearheaded by a couple of thoroughly talented designers, for a setting called Veranthea.


So why should you care for yet another fantasy setting? Because the setting makes room for all those fringe things one enjoys without making them required – Psionics, Gunpowder, WuXia etc. – you name it. Beyond that, the setting, whose fluff I’ve had the pleasure to read over the last couple of weeks, is uncommon in that it feels less like a conventional fantasy setting – taking elements from genre-flicks, mythpunk and a definite fantasy-punk style influence, Veranthea may be a high fantasy setting, but it is one that brims with creativity and panache, one that dares to be different.


Where else can you see subdued anime influence, play monsters, explore wild west/pulp-crossover underdark and have these components actually make SENSE within the world, be believable?


Veranthea is a worthy, cool project that deserves to be funded, so please, if you have a minute, check it out!


Here’s the link to the kickstarter!


Endzeitgeist out.


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