60 hours for the City of 7 Seraphs KS remaining!

Dear readers,


as per the writing of this, the kickstarter for Lost Spheres Publishing’s City of 7 Seraphs is reaching its end, and it is a remarkable project.


First of all, due to its focus – the city is intended to be the big planar hug/setting and fill a space not unlike Sigil in Planescape, allowing for full-blown planar adventuring, as opposed to just passing through…though that’s certainly a possibility.


Beyond the utterly AMAZING artwork, the KS has established an all-star designer-team that includes not only legends like Colin McComb, but also designers like Michael Sayre or N. Jolly – names that pretty much guarantee that this book will not only contain great storytelling opportunities, but also amazing crunch.


In short: I was convinced that we need this KS pretty much from the get-go.


The KS features special, puzzle-based stretch-goals that the backers could unlock…and quite a few *have* been unlocked…one of which would be yours truly. And yes, I pretty much jumped at the chance to be a part of this KS, considering the glorious team.


I will contribute a new race to this monster of a book, and if you know my designs, rest assured that I’m planning something utterly unique with the Rhyzala (Here’s a delicious link to how they look…) – they will not only have a completely unique outlook on space and time, they will also be non-gendered beings AND I promise that they’ll *play* differently than any other race…I am cooking up some completely novel racial traits for these guys!


As per the writing of this post, the book is *ALMOST* funded, with less than 2K missing…so yeah, more stretchgoals are a distinct possibility!


Beyond wanting to write my race, I think that this KS will bring something amazing to the table!


So yeah, please take a look at this project here!


Endzeitgeist out.


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