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It’s time again for me to showcase some Kickstarters I consider worthwhile:


What lies Beyond reason: An Adventure Path for PFRPG/5e by Pyromaniac Press:

Okay, usually I don’t do kickstarter-recommendations for newcomer publishers that do not yet have an established track record. This would be the exception to the rule due to 2 factors. 1) I’ve seen the module’s current state and it has progressed to a pretty professional state; the fact that the crew sent its Pdf my way bespeaks their confidence and the nice layout and artworks, upon skimming through, make obvious that this confidence is not misplaced. 2) More importantly: They got none other than Rusted Iron Games’ great monster-craftsman Russ Brown AND, and that is a BIG deal for me, Richard “I write modules that are pure ART and am perhaps one of the most humble and awesome authors out there” Develyn from 4 Dollar Dungeons (you know, the guy who routinely makes my Top Ten-lists as if it were a cakewalk…) on board. With less than 500 Australian Dollars to funding and 6 days to go, I certainly hope they’ll be funded and take the advice provided. Seeing these factors, I’m rather confident, the module will turn out to be awesome!


You can check out the KS here!


The Blight: Richard Pett’s Crooked City by Frog God Games (PFRPG/S&W – 5e is currently Pdf only, but a stretch-goal may change that!):

How the master of the macabre Richard Pett lost the rights for the legendary all-time favorite adventure-locale Styes is one of the sad stories of 3rd edition. Now, Frog God Games has managed to broker a deal that lets Richard Pett present his magnum opus “The Blight” in all of its tainted, shades of gray, mature glory and keep the rights. Doing the right thing – that’s what the Frogs are about….after all, they actually managed to put Razor Coast out there!! Yes, this means a full city sourcebook/AP that dwarves Slumbering Tsar; a book that may actually surpass friggin’ Ptolus as the most unique urban sourcebook ever crafted. We’re talking about one of the most unique voices out there providing an epic, vast tome of weird, dark fantasy – of a city in the tradition of Miéville that creeps and sifts and burrows into realities, it’s where Planescape’s weirdness and Ravenloft’s horror meet to birth a grotesque thing beyond either of them. The KS is a big one, but an absolute no-brainer – Frog God Games has a track-record of releasing awesome, huge books and Richard Pett has yet to disappoint me with ANY of his modules. But no amount of gushing on my part could better sum up The Blight than these words:

“The Blight is a city; a vast corpulent, mad, ugly thing, but it is so much more than that. Its veins seep into other places, drawn across the Between, which rips at its fabric and tosses it about like a child throwing a ball. You might find a curiosity shop from the Blight crammed amongst the mighty tenements of some other city, a horrific character staggering along the streets of an otherwise normal town, or perhaps even a whole block perched within another city like a cuckoo in a nest. 

Her polite name is Castorhage; named after the grotesque royal family that rules here, a family even worse than those who would depose them. It has been called lots of other names, other oaths have been flung at her and her constituent filthy, chymic poisoned parts. From Sister Lyme to the chaos of Toiltown, through the throttling alleyways of the Jumble to the airy madness of the Hollow and Broken Hills, every facet has a story, and every story a dark edge. Yes, the Blight is a place, but it is a place that touches others, like a cancer, suddenly infesting a brighter place and poisoning it. There is no escaping its touch, and once it draws you in, you may never escape. Welcome…”

And if that sounds too Victorian for your tastes (though personally, I love quasi-victorian fantasy), then take a look at Matt Finch’s post here, where he explains the unique tone of this place.

Yeah, that would be the next thing: With Matt Finch, Bill Webb, Greg Vaughan, Skeeter Greene and Chuck Wright, you know that some of the true masters are about to add their talent and expertise to this book as well. If you couldn’t tell – I’m incredibly hyped for this book! The KS has 52 days left and is well on track for funding, so do yourself a favor and check out this beast!


The Blight’s KS can be found here! (And at all other places, Castorhage’s influence may seep in…)


All right, that’s it for now!


Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Anders Kirstein says:

    Yes, I agree that the Blight is really a must have and must-support Kickstarter! Even though I just supported The Borderlands Provinces, and Bard’s Gate is coming soon too…
    Need more time to play! 🙂

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