Kickstarter Update!

Dear patreons, dear readers!


The following kickstarters may be of interest for you:


Bloodlines & Black Magic by Storm Bunny Studios (PFRPG):

An occult-7 variant of PFRPG situated in our own world sounds cool; taking a look at the all-star cast of designers, it becomes amazing. Fully funded, the project has a ton of amazing stretch goal waiting in the wings. The book is fully funded and has only 7 days to go, so check it out here!


Starfinder Compatible Product Line by Frog God Games (SFRPG):

The Frog God crew is waiting in the wings for the Starfinder system to release – and currently, there is a campaign running to fund multiple gorgeous hardcover supplements to bring the sense of grit and agenda the frogs are known for to the system. The campaign has 24 days to go, and we all know we can use some old-schoolish Frog God touch in space, right? You can check it out here!


Forest Kingdom Compendium Kickstarter by Legendary Games (PFRPG):

Legendary Games is collecting their amazing Kingmaker plug-ins in one, massive hardcover with new and exciting material included in the deal! The project has 17 days to go, is fully funded and an amazing deal. You can check it out here!


Underworld Races and Classes Compendium by AAW Games (PFRPG/5e):

Know how “Rise of the Drow” is pretty much the end-all underworld campaign featuring our favorite dark elves? Well, the crew of AAW Games has compiled, revised and streamlined their numerous unique races, putting them into one gigantic tome. The book gets a unique flair and concise aesthetic identity via the amazing art by Mates Laurentiu (you can watch him draw on the KS page!)…oh, and yours truly also contributed quite a lot to the book. Beyond development work, I also wrote several archetypes of the complexity and innovation level you’ve come to expect from me. I also happen to know that the 5e-version is no simple conversion but a redesign of the tome from the ground up – and even includes a firearm engine! Why do I know this? Because I’m responsible. Better yet, the developers Chris Harris and Stephen Rowe are highly respected veterans that will most certainly make sure that this book becomes the one-stop-shop Underworld PHB. I also have it on good authority that more amazing stretch-goals are in the cards once the glorious art goals have been achieved…and btw.: The book’s pretty much done. The kickstarter has 21 days to go, has funded over 16 times its base goal and I know the content. This is one glorious book. You can take a look at the KS here!


Finally, yours truly would like to ask you to contemplate taking a look at my patreon and consider supporting it. I do need your support to continue doing what I’m doing. Thank you for considering me. The link is here.


All the best,

Endzeitgeist out.


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