Thank You!

Hej everybody,


I’m not good with emotional speeches and the like, so I’ll keep it brief:


I’d like to thank Paco Garcia Jaen of GMS magazine, without whom there’d be no – you are the best friend a man could wish for. I’d also like to thank Lou Agresta, who continued to encourage me throughout the years and Jonathan Nelson of Nerdtrek, who has helped me tremendously since we met. Finally, without Steven D. Russell’s encouragement during my early days I would have never kept doing this…so thanks again.


Beyond that: “Thank you” to every publisher and author who has opted to send me complimentary copies and thus allowed me to keep up with the amount of cool supplements out there; Especially since it takes courage to face a review that is not guaranteed to turn out well and since I quite frankly wouldn’t have the money to review that many products.

To every publisher who has corrected one of my mistakes: Thank you for being courteous and help me become a better reviewer.


I’d also like to thank Christian Stiles, Jonathan Nelson and Brian Berg for offering me a chance to contribute to their respective kickstarters.


Finally, I’d like to express my utmost gratitude to the few fine folk who actually donated me a couple of bucks to keep this enterprise running and those who commented on one of my reviews. Showing your support in any way helps me keep the fire burning.


So there it is – I’m nearing the big 1.5K reviews and wouldn’t be here without any of you – may you have a blessed holiday, whatever religion (or lack thereof) you choose to follow!


See you after X-mas! Until then:


Endzeitgeist out.


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