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It’s this time again, where I point out some promising kickstarters you may have missed/be interested in – this time around, I have a lot of “small”, yet interesting ones for you!


Gossamer Worlds Compendium by Rite Publishing (DICELESS)

The gossamer worlds series, penned mostly by Matt Banach, has been one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a while, inexpensive, fun and brimming with unbound creativity, any fan of the planes, of unlimited possibilities, should definitely check out this Kickstarter, which collects them for the first time in print – funded and mowing through stretch-goals like it’s nobodies’ business and yes, you can get exclusive books via this KS – so if you’re enjoying unbridled creativity, take a look here! (And yes, I will provide the reviews for the latest additions in the series very soon!)


Mourners: Scum of Shattertown by Dreamscarred Press (Fiction)

This would be an interesting project: Jade Ripley has written a web-series of fiction…and it kind of spiralled out from there into full-blown novel-length. From what I’ve read so far, the cast of characters is colorful and interesting and consistency of rules-representation is maintained as well…oh, and the KS currently has primers for the setting among the achieved goals! You can take a look at this cool project here!


Letters from the Flaming Crab by Flaming Crab Games

The letters from the flaming crab-series is interesting: Covering niche subject-matter, from what I’ve heard so far, the series does sport some unique, interesting options. While I don’t yet own the first 4 installments, this KS is all about funding the next year of these oddball supplements. So if you’re looking for the unique and strange, you may want to take a look here – there are 8 days left for the project as per the writing of this post!


Dark Obelisk: A Dynamic Adventure Path by J. Evans Payne

J. Evans Payne’s pitch for the first installment of these modules is humble: The goal is low and already met; I usually don’t feature not yet established authors in these shout-outs, but the humble ambition here makes me believe this should work. That and quoting Ravenloft as inspiration pulls my heart’s strings. Take a look at whether this is for you here – the KS has 8 days to go!


Girls Gone Rogue by Kort’thalis Publishing (OSR)

Kort’thalis Publishing is a divisive company – either you love it or hate it; indebted to heavy-metal aesthetic and 70s/80s exploitation-movies, the material put forth by the company is intended for mature audiences and contains a weird blend of dark fantasy, gonzo pop/rock-culture, sleaze and violence – though without being truly tasteless and infused with humor galore. Still, with a title like this, you know that prude or easily offended people should steer clear of this. Content-wise, this is the massive companion-value to the scifi-tome Alpha Blue (review forthcoming) and with 6 days to go, it is already fully funded – so if you enjoy that kind of material, take a look here!


All right, that’s it for now!

Endzeitgeist out.


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4 Responses

  1. Jade Ripley says:

    Thanks for the mention, my friend. Keep an eye out; we’ve been tossing around some new pledge ideas, which may intrigue folks interested in exploring the setting further.

  2. J. Evans Payne says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, particularly given as I’m a first-time publisher. I’ll work that much harder now to ensure the end product meets your expectations and high standards!

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