Mar 272019
Bastion Ein Sof ZERO (OSR)

Bastion Ein Sof ZERO (OSR) This tiny booklet consists of 25 pages of content, not accounting for editorial, etc. – why do I call it “Tiny booklet”? Because it is basically a means to gage interest in an alternative setting for Chris McDowall’s much-beloved rules-lite “Into The Odd”-game; as such, it can be run with […]

Sep 142018
Odditional Materials (OSR)

Odditional Materials (OSR) This collection of supplemental materials and hacks for Into the Odd comes as a 39-page pdf, 1 page of which is devoted to the editorial; the rest is content, as the cover and wrap-around cover are presented as .jpgs. The pages, as most of the time for OSR-type supplements, are laid out […]

Sep 132018
Into the Odd (OSR)

Into the Odd (OSR) This roleplaying game/sourcebook clocks in at 50 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 46 pages of content, laid out in 6’’ by 9’’ (A5), so let’s take a look!   This review was requested by one of my patreons, […]

Aug 242018
Mageblade! ZERO (OSR)

Mageblade! ZERO (OSR) This game system clocks in at 32 pages, with the wrap-around cover provided as its own .png. If you take playtest thanks and editorial together, they’ll take up about half a page, and the character sheet provided similarly clocks in at about ½ a page. As a whole, one can claim that […]

Jun 072018
Burgs & Bailiffs: Warfare Too (OSR)

Burgs & Bailiffs: Warfare Too (OSR) The second installment of the Burgs & Bailiffs-‘zine/series clocks in at 34 pages if you disregard ToC, the introductory explanation of how this came to be, etc. The pages are laid out for pamphlet-size (A5/6’’ by9’’), but there is a difference here that you should be aware of: While […]

Jun 062018
Burgs & Bailiffs: Hunger, Disease & The Law (OSR)

Burgs & Bailiffs: Hunger, Disease & The Law (OSR) This little ‘zine clocks in at 28 pages of content, laid out for A5 (6’’ by 9’’) pamphlet-size; this number assumes you disregard the presence of a further reading list and an introduction explaining the genesis of this book – basically, a funny remark spiraled out […]

Feb 122018
Macchiato Monsters Zero (OSR)

Macchiato Monsters Zero (OSR) This OSR-game clocks in at 34 pages, 1 page editorial/ToC, 1 page SRD; two pages are devoted to the introduction and the game comes with a bunch of additional pdfs – I’ll get to those later. This review is based on V.1.1. of the system/book; V.1.0. is still included in the […]

Dec 062017
A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet (OSR/system agnostic)

A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet (OSR/system agnostic) Okay, so, not counting front and back cover, this little pamphlet clocks in at 17 pages, one page of which is devoted to an explanation regarding inspiration, as well as editorial information, art credits, etc. Half a page is the advertisement for the expanded book soon to be […]

Nov 292017
Adventure Fantasy Game (AFG/OSR)

Adventure Fantasy Game (AFG/OSR) This game clocks in at 102 pages of raw content once you take away ToC, editorial, etc. (101 if you don’t count the index). My review is based on the softcover print edition, fourth printing, 10th revision to be more precise. The book, as usual for OSR-games, is in 6’’ by […]

Nov 012017
Pergamino Barocco (OSR/system agnostic)

Pergamino Barocco (OSR/system agnostic) This booklet clocks in at 24 pages of content, once you take away the editorial, front and back cover, etc. This review is based on the print-version (digest-sized, A5/6’’ by 9’’), on the economy-version of the booklet, to be precise – I do not own the original leporello version.   Okay, […]