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Hej everybody,


I’m addressing you today in an uncommon matter: See that kick-ass logo on the site? The one created by the exceedingly talented Tommi Salama?


Yeah, the idea here was to make this a visual representation of my seal of approval and I think it works. Well, I’ve been asked whether 3pps could use it for their product covers and since I do have the rights to use it, I am rather tempted to say “yes”, perhaps combined with a small donation per product that uses the seal to help me cover the huge investment in time reviews take and justify them not only to me, but also to my better half. I’d also require a nod towards the artist of the logo. Don’t know about the details yet, just brainstorming/probing the waters here.

As a customer, the benefit would be obvious:  You could, at one glance, see the logo and realize that the respective pdf/book is of a quality that won’t disappoint you.

Now I’ve got two general questions regarding this:

To the publishers: Would you be interested in that in the first place? If so, drop me a line privately or comment.

To the general audience: Would you consider this dumb or annoying? It could be scaled down to not obfuscate the cover. Also, would you rather prefer this only for top-ten-list items (which would limit its potential use for me) or generally for seal of approval-files (as I’d prefer it)?

Of course, either way I wouldn’t let my verdicts in any way be compromised and I wouldn’t devalue the relatively rare seal by making any sort of compromise that hurts the (sounds weird) “brand” of the seal, but you probably already knew that. 🙂

All the best,

Endzeitgeist out.


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4 Responses

  1. Interjection Games says:

    Periodic tribute, eh? Fine, give me an address and a favorite beer. 😛

  2. Thilo Graf says:

    Yeah, I’m currently thinking about a one-time percentile donation/payment per pdf based on the price of the book/supplement since I want to be fair regarding the low-price supplements. Gotta do some math in that regard…

  3. Caedwyr says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the seal placed on the covers of books if that is what the developers want. So long as the value of the seal isn’t cheapened, I don’t mind there being some financial compensation involved for the use of the seal. I’d also prefer to see it used for everything that rates a seal of approval, rather than just the top 10. That would work better as back of the book adverts anyways and depending on your location I don’t think the publishers would even technically need your permission to quote you.

  4. Thilo Graf says:

    So…there have been some concerns voiced regarding this approach and I’m currently looking into alternatives. One possible model suggested would be patreon, with a period of one week exclusive reviews before they go life for the general public and higher levels getting a say what I tackle first. Still looking at the site/figuring out the logistics, but that may also be a viable option.

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