Perilous Vistas: Icebound, on Kickstarter!

Dear friends,


there is a kickstarter going on right now, one that aims to publish a *lost* book I thought I’d never get to see!

As you probably all know, I consider the Perilous Vistas-series of environment-sourcebooks and adventures for PFRPG one of the best things Frog God Games released for that game, and 4 were released, and I reviewed them:

Dunes of Desolation

Fields of Blood

Mountains of Madness

Marches of Malice

The system-neutral, adventure-less Hazardous Habitats series based on these books, in contrast, were good, but also hamstrung by being system-neutral.

I consider all the Perilous Vistas for PF1 to be cherished parts of my library. With the advent of PF2 and the dominance of D&D 5e, it looked, for a LONG TIME, like we’d never get to see the final tome Tom Knauss penned.

Well, Michael “Mars” Russell, the PF1-conversion expert for Frog God Games, stepped up and will have this book printed at a professional, offset quality, releasing what I never expected to see in the wilds.


Suffice to say, I joined this KS in a heartbeat. The book is fully funded, has crushed several stretch-goals already, includes VTT tokens, and runs for another 5 days as per the writing of this post. I believe in this book, am not involved in any way with its creation, and look forward to it immensely for both its content, and for it fulfilling that OCD itch to have the entire series.


The kickstarter is right here!


Endzeitgeist out.


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