My PC finally and truly croaked; no Frankensteining it anymore.

Dear readers!


So, today, the Frankenstein-entity I call a PC has truly and finally expired. After my C: HD, which crashed in the morning, my graphics card went down in teh afternoon; I had a spare from a friend, installed it, and without as much as a whimper, the mainboard finally died. And yes, I know what I’m doing, I kept this thing together via jury-rigging for more than 8 years. Good news: No data/reviews etc. was lost, though I can’t access finished stuff on my PC’s HDs for now. Bad news: I have to use my laptop to work, which is S L O W. (As in: Less than 1 ghz-slow.)


I’m trying to get a new working PC asap right now, asking my friends etc. for their old machines. This may cause some delays, but not less reviews – again, no files were lost. 🙂


Just wanted to keep you all informed why there were no reviews today – spent all day trying to salvage my PC.


Endzeitgeist out.


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5 Responses

  1. elorebaen says:

    Ack! Sorry to hear that, and I wish you high roll on your Craft (Golems) check!

  2. Greg says:

    Do you have liber xpansion in queue?

  3. Jeff Harris says:

    I feel for you Thilo, had my laptop die unexpectedly last summer, tis an annoying situation to be sure.

    Good luck on the replacement rig.

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