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Dear readers!


It’s this time again, where I highlight some worthwhile projects you may wish to support!


Aquliae: Bestiary of the Realm by Infinium Game Studios (PFRPG/5e/OSR):

J. Evans Payne’s vision of massive books and unprecedented levels of customization for his Dark Obelisk saga crushed stretch-goals galore in the KS for part II of the saga. One of these was a massive monster-book – and while backers get it, obviously, this KS is about increasing the volume to no less than 3 tomes! That’s a LOT of monsters! The OSR-version will only be one book and, in a REALLY fair and applaudable manner, there is a discount for the 5e-version, since writing’s mainly done in PFRPG and then converted. If you’re looking for a massive monster-array, check out the KS here – it has 47 days to go!


100+ Full-color maps for Rappan Athuk by Frog God Games (PFRPG/5e/OSR):

Okay, at this point, Frog God Games needs no introduction, right? The frogs are one of my favorite publishers, a regular presence on my Top Ten-lists and they have written roleplaying history with more than one epic tome.  Full color. GM and player versions. VTT-compatibility. The KS is fully funded and if you think about running this twisted dungeon, here is the chance to make everything run smoother and even better! The KS has 28 days to go and is fully funded! You can check it out here!


Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport by Kort’thalis Publishing (OSR):

Venger is currently kickstarting a post-apocalyptic mutant wasteland – with his usual levels of gonzo, tentacles and weirdness, set in a strange version of the after-the-bomb American South-West! Oh boy, this makes me yearn for another roadtrip through the US…but I digress! The KS has 14 days to go, Venger has a track-record of quick and reliable delivery of his modules and frankly, I’d love t see what he does with the set-up. You can check it out here!


Mini-Dungeon Tome by AAW Games (PFRPG/5e):

Okay, this is last, but one glance at the numbers should show you that it’s NOT the least on my list! This massive book collects a metric ton of sidetrek adventures in one gigantic tome, many of which have really pushed the boundaries, time and again, of what one could hope for in a brief sidetrek adventure. The KS provides EXCLUSIVE holiday-themed mini-dungeons for backers. Oh, and 3 free old-school modules! Oh, and beyond the ridiculously amazing team of authors (read the list – that is some serious talent right there!), we also get updated and improved maps for the older mini-dungeons. Oh, and have I mentioned that this KS has SURPASSED 100K? By the way, yours truly has written two rather delightfully weird mini-adventures for the book as well! This one is massive and the KS has only 4 days to go – don’t say I didn’t tell you about this! You can get on board with this massive campaign and unlock even more content here on KS!


Pure Steam patreon (PFRPG):

This one may have flown under your radar: If you enjoy the Pure Steam books, you may be delighted to hear that the folks have started their onw patreon, hoping to publish more pdfs for their steampunk setting! You can check out the campaign here!


Endzeitgeist patreon:

Finally, if you value my reviewing, my shout-outs or just generally the service that I provide, please contemplate joining my patreon! The amount of time I can spend on reviews directly hinges on the support I get, and I do listen to the requests of my patreons whenever possible! I spend between 6 and 10 hours each day making sure that the reviews keep coming and while I love what I’m doing, I need to pay for electricity, insurance, etc. – the patreon is literally keeping the lights on. Every single buck, every tip, helps. So yeah, if you enjoy what I’m doing, please take a look here! 


As always, thank you for your attention!


(P.s.: If you want me to highlight your patreon/KS, drop me a line.)


Endzeitgeist out.


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