EZG is on Patreon!! Here’s the Q&A

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am now on patreon. Please take a look at my profile and consider supporting my reviews!

You can take a look at the patreon here! (or by clicking on the link on the right border of my homepage!


I have also compiled a list of questions over the last weeks, so in case you’re not familiar with patreon, if you’re wondering why I made the step to start a campaign – all those questions are answered.


Q: Sooo, EZG, what is this patreon-thingy you set up?

A: Patreon is a crowdfunding service somewhat akin to kickstarter or IndieGoGo – however, unlike these, patreon is intended mostly for continuous services and production, not short burst funding.


Q: When do you get paid?

A: The 5th of each month.


Q: How much fees does patreon take?

A: Patreon takes 5% and there are additional credit card fees that range from 2-4%.

Credit card fees

PayPal fees – 5% + $0.05 per transaction.

Patreon bulk processes all patron pledges to decrease fees. That means if you’re supporting two creators, your credit card or PayPal will only be charged one time for all pledges. Those fees will then be split among the creators.

Transfer fees

International creators (that would be me) receiving payment via PayPal have a fee of 2% of the amount transferred, capped at $20 per deposit.


Q: When am I charged?

A: You won’t be charged until the 1st of every month, and it usually takes a full 72 hours for all pledges to process. You’ll receive an email that will indicate whether your pledge was successfully processed or declined. You can find more information on pledging and related concerns in the official Patreon FAQ.


Q:  Got ya, so, I saw that there are two funding models for Patreon campaigns – per service provided and per month. Which one do you use and why?

A: Patreon has two models it supports – the first model charges you the amount you’re willing to donate per product/video/text, the second charges you per month. Seeing how many reviews I produce, the former would have been rather insane, so I opted for the monthly model: No matter how many reviews I produce, whether it’s 15 or 5 per week, the amount remains the same. And yes, I am totally committed to producing as many as possible. This also spares you the hassle of having to set a maximum amount per month and imho is the fairer of the two models.


Q: What if I have a bad month and can’t afford the patronage?

A: You can cancel your patronage with one simple click – and just as simply check back in, if your situation improves. This also allows you to cancel your patronage whenever you think I’m slacking – which is pretty much contrary to my very nature, but you do have that added security nonetheless. 🙂


Q: I am an author/publisher and wish to support you – can I do so?

A: Yes, but you should be aware that my disclaimer still applies – my unbiased stance remains my top priority, so donations do not influence my final verdict of any book you release. Much like sending me dead tree versions of your books, though, the patreon can be used to make me move books to the top of my queue. I think this is a pretty fair solution. And no, I do not expect any of you to support this patreon – lack of support will not result in any hurt feelings by yours truly! 🙂


Q: Hej EZG, other patreons provide exclusive benefits for their backers – why don’t you?

A: That’s a complex one I’ve been pondering for quite a while. I see the situation like this – unlike most patreon campaigns, I am not selling a particular product, but instead provide a free service intended for both my audience and for the greater good for all 3pps. Hiding the content I produce behind a paywall would seem disingenuous and counterproductive to me – I want this patreon to be an inclusive experience, not one that excludes people in an unfortunate financial situation. Penalizing long-time readers or supportive publishers by limiting the exposure of the reviews is not something I want to do – I firmly believe, cynical though I may be, that gamers are upright and good people and that if some of you believe that my service has some value, you’re willing to throw a tip my way.


Q: So what’s in it for me?

A: Well, for one, the warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude for keeping reviews alive. Then, there’s the obvious benefit of the reviews continuing. Beyond that, I really hope for this patreon to become an inclusive experience that allows me to directly engage you and review what you want to see. I hope this campaign allows me to talk to you and provide the reviews that you want to see. Want for example more Vathak-reviews? Want me to power through and prioritize the Zeitgeist AP or the latest FGG mega-tome or the latest offerings by Kobold Press or Legendary Games? Just tell me and I’ll be able to provide just that. 🙂


Q: I’d like to offer significant support, but am not interested in this 3pp-synergy-suggestion – what are the alternatives?

A: My players are pretty savvy and efficient, so must modules I use are heavily modified when I run them – unless I playtest something, of course. This means I literally have a huge pile of notes for *a lot* of modules from all kinds of publishers – I could share these and enhance your own playing experience, helping you tailor the challenges to your group. If that does not tickle your fancy, just drop me a line and I’ll figure something out with you! And yes, monthly skype-calls, custom crunch – the like is all within the realm of possibility! Have I mentioned that I have expanded e.g. each PFS-scenario of season 0 into a full-blown, more detailed module and have serious experience in turning even the most sucky module into something captivating and awesome?


Q: What are you spending the donations on?

A: Electricity bills, rent, health insurance and after that, toner cartridges to print out the gaming books I review – those are my first priorities. Once those are paid, I’ll be saving for two general purposes: 1) Support a great KS or product. If a certain funding level is reached, I’d also start saving to buy a proper webcam for video-reviews. I’d ask for your permission before I use funds in this way, though. 2) Start long-term saving so I one day can afford the flight to the US and potentially meet some of you ladies and gentlemen at Gencon or Paizocon and roll ‘dem bones with you.


Q: Sucker, no way I’m going to pay for your reviews/I don’t pay for free stuff!

A: No offense taken. I understand that in this day and age, free services are taken for granted. I still hope you enjoy what you read and find my reviews helpful and maybe, one day reconsider.


Q: Have you tried advertisement?

A: Yes, I experimented with banners back in the day, but I considered them ineffective and worse, annoying. Plus, in the days of adblock, why annoy anyone with them in the first place? 😉


Q: Work for your money!

A: Just try to devote 4+ hours per day, for years on end, to reviewing, careful analysis and the like – reviewing eats up more time than my second job. Beyond the obvious value my reviews tend to have for authors and publishers to improve the products, I also have actually worked for quite a few publishers in consulting/development/author-functions and am open to just about all types of jobs in the industry. If you have a job offer, just drop me a line! 🙂


Q: How do you maintain your output?

A: I’m a fast reader, have an excellent, almost eidetic memory, am a fast writer and one of the guys who constantly need some input, something to occupy his brain and keep himself busy. That and my insomnia helps as well. ;D


Q: What about direct donations via paypal?

A: Indeed, I have received some generous donations over the years and I am exceedingly grateful for every one of them.  They tend to arrive at irregular and, in for me unpredictable intervals, though, and thus do not help me in establishing a sense of how much time I can afford to allot to reviewing. That being said, I am exceedingly grateful for any donation I receive!


Q: I’m one of the two generous souls who have created a monthly payment via paypal already and/or am one who regularly drops you a tip- should I change to patreon?

A: Please don’t – patreon takes an additional fee. I do count your pledge towards the total, though, should you opt for this option, in spite of it being slightly less convenient for you, and, of course, as you’re aware, I’ll be sure to take your preferences into account! Just drop me a line!


Q: Do you expect to make these milestones or receive those high-level backers?

A: Not really, to be honest – this is a long shot and every single buck is going to be something for me to truly cherish. However, one may dream, right? 😉


Q: So when exactly does your situation become dire?

A: This June, I’ll be out of my main job and looking for new means of making a living. Until then, things will be pretty much the way you’re accustomed to, though April and May will see an influx in me writing applications and hopefully, going to a bunch of job interviews.


Q: Do you expect this patreon to be enough to make a living?

A: No, I don’t –  but I do hope it will provide a supplemental income that allows me to not work another mind-crushing menial job when I’d rather be providing reviews for you and yours!


Q: What if this patreon fails miserably?

A: For the immediate future, not much will happen. I will be sad, of course, but not angry or disappointed: I do not have a sense of entitlement and am fully aware of this being a long shot. Eventually this summer, though, just staying alive and earning a basic living via menial jobs may prevent me from providing as many reviews as you’re accustomed to. If this patreon sees no or very little support, I’ll have to rearrange my priorities accordingly, as much as I genuinely love what I’m doing. I will honor all files sent to me eventually and provide the reviews for them, but at a decreased rate. Depending on how looking for jobs goes and how my schedule changes, I may be forced to stop reviewing altogether. I will be sure to keep you and all the 3pps in the loop and give all of you a heads-up, no matter how this whole thing turns out!


Q: What if this patreon is a smashing success?

A: Well, first of all, I’ll be grinning constantly for weeks. Secondly, I’d be stunned and humbled and grateful – and I’d be working like no-one’s business with you to further improve the whole experience for you and provide more in return.


Q: Are there other benefits if you receive enough funding?

A: If the campaign is a sufficient success, I’ll raise the standard of my reviews from unpaid-hobby to semi-professional/professional, respectively. This means I’ll actually check for those annoying typos, raise the standard of my writing, etc. – we’ll work together to determine your priorities!


Q: What if you get a well-paid job?

A: I will continue to honor my patreon obligations. Should any conflicts arise, I’ll immediately let you know.  I also will significantly upgrade the benefits you receive – I’m not a greedy man and I’d love to give back to the community.


Q: I want to be credited for my support!

A: No problem! Supporters may add my logo with a “Proud sponsor/patron of…” to their site and if you want me to, I’ll list you as sponsors on my page! Just tell me to and I’ll set it up!


Q: You don’t have a pledge-level that appeals to me!

A: Just drop me a line and I’ll figure one out/modify the campaign to suit your needs!


Q: Can I help?

A: Yes! Even if you can’t act as a patreon, I’d very much appreciate it if you share the news, point people towards my site and my patreon and spread the word.


Q: I have a suggestion on how to improve your patreon!

A: You do? Awesome! Just tell me and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂


Thank you for reading this and considering my patreon! As Captain Planet once said: The power is yours!

Have a great week-end!

Endzeitgeist out!


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8 Responses

  1. Oliver says:

    I’m in for 10… the 3pp needs you!

    • Thilo Graf says:

      Thank you so much – I really appreciate your support and firendship! One of these days, we’ll meet up on a con! 🙂

      • Interjection Games says:

        Any thoughts on the legality of the higher “make Thilo do things” levels as a business expense?

        • Thilo Graf says:

          I’m not sure business expense would cut it for tax purposes – according to German law, it would be a freelancing micro-assignment and thus, since it falls below a certain threshold, tax exempt as a term of its own for the freelancer. However, as part of a commercial venture, it would be treated as contract work for the employer and thus *possibly* tax exempt in some cases, though in professional publishing cases, that probably wouldn’t eb the case.

          Rights-wise, I’d insist on crunch, unless it’s based on closed content, to be open content. Fluff tends to be closed content, so that ought to be no issue. If I were tasked to create something from closed content, the obvious restrictions would apply for commercial use. Other than that, I’m fine with being credited in commercial ventures based on what I deliver.

          That being said – I’m not a lawyer. 😉

          • Interjection Games says:

            Aye, I was afraid of this. The indirect approach makes it hard to find a way to claim it. Tell ya what, I’ll come in at the pittance level and bump it up to something more respectable as soon as I’m making enough money to leave the house. 😛

          • Thilo Graf says:

            Every little thing helps, Bradley – and I truly appreciate it!

  2. Andrew says:

    By what method will you be using Patreon to move things in your queue?


    • Thilo Graf says:

      I am simply going to ask – Patreons who contribute more will obviously have a bit of an advantage, but I want ALL my patreons to have a say – when something interests one of you, just tell me and I’ll get cranking. The more are interested, obviously, the higher I’ll move it up. Expect to see the first general discussion next week!

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