Dear patreons!


I’m sick, feverish and my head is wobbly – thus, today only two reviews. However, I do have some kickstarters for you that you may have missed!


Alterkine: Planetary Survey

The unique, d20 modern/future-based Alterkine-supplements are pretty interesting (the missing reviews will hit my site in the next couple of weeks) and ooze passion. The latest book is one that seeks to provide more than 30 alien races, which are probably also easy scavenging ground. You can take a look at the KS here – with 14 days to go and $1100 left to funding, this will probably happen, but could still use your help!


Ultimate NPCs: Skullduggery

With 10 days to go and over 300% funded, this NPC-collection for Pathfinder, D&D 5e and S&W has smashed a bunch of stretchgoals already and looks like a more than promising addition to any GM’s library. You can take a look at it here!


The Cruelest Mistress

The second self-published module by John R. Davis, this one has already funded and will be released for PFRPG and OSR, with 10 days to go. So far, what I can glean is rather interesting – take a look here!


Scarred Lands Player’s Guide

I am a HUGE Scarred Lands fanboy; I have the novels and every single book published for the setting in print. I always considered the setting, lore-wise, to be a thoroughly awesome, glorious piece of superb work. Alas, the crunch, for the most part, was pretty much HORRIBLE. I’m very much glad that the Scarred Lands are back for PFRPG and 5e and that the book is funded; I also hope the crunch in this iteration will be better than in the awesome setting’s first version. You can check out this fully funded book, with 12 days of campaign to go, here.


I’ll grab myself some tea now and lie down again! Have a great day!

Endzeitgeist out.



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