Last Call for the Underworld Races & Classes KS!

Dear readers,


please indulge me for a second: A book I wrote a metric ton of material for, the Underworld Races and Classes Compendium for PFRPG and D&D 5e, is within its final hours as per the writing of this post!

The book will also be a limited print run like the by now OOP and sought-after hardcover of the Rise of the Drow-saga – the KS will literally be the only way to get the absolutely gorgeous hardcover, unless you’re lucky and find a copy in a gaming store in the Seattle area! We have unlocked a metric ton of absolutely phenomenal artwork by Mates Laurentiu and are crushing stretch-goals left and right, so if you want in on the action, it’s now or never!


Here is the link!


Thank you and all the best,
Endzeitgeist out.


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