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Dear readers!


Here would be a little KS-update of KS I’d support!


Mourners: Scum of Shatterdown (Fiction) by Dreamscarred Press:

Jade Ripley’s fiction project has added a roleplaying game gazetteer as well as a new pledge level – the fully funded project is only about 30 hours away from its finishing line, so if you want to get n on this project, it’s now or never! You can take a look here!


Crisis of the World-Eater by LPJ Design:

LPJ Design has come a long way – the company has, in last years, managed to supplement the awesome concepts it championed from the get-go with the rules-savvy proficiency to properly represent them. Having proven how even very brief modules can display truly high-concept, evocative ideas with their last campaign-serial, Chronicles of the Gatekeepers, and crafting a great Prologue, this one has me stoked like few others: The project can be summed up as “Crisis of Infinite Earths meets Ultimate Galactus” and aims to extend the narrative to a plethora of diverse 3pp-worlds in a massive, unprecedented crossover. It has been said time and again that the like would not work – this is the rebuttal and may well be a piece of roleplaying history in the making. More importantly for some of you, the hardcover will be pretty affordable and 5e-conversion is approaching as well. There also are a lot of social media stretch-goals that may interest those of your more savvy with them. I’m exceedingly excited about this one and I certainly hope it explodes even further – there is a lot of additional material to unlock here and I’ll certainly back this if I can get the bucks together. The project has 24 days to – so do yourself a favor and check it out here!


Judge’s Guild Deluxe Collector’s Edition by Goodman Games:

From roleplaying history in the making to roleplaying history: I’ve GM’d Citadel of Fire, Thieves of Badabaskor and Dark Tower as well as Tegel Manor. They are rightfully deemed legendary modules and still hold up to this day – having such legends compiled in one deluxe book, alongside the Judge’s Guild Journals…is awesome and makes me sad that I can’t get this…but quite frankly, if you have never heard of them, these modules are a reason those old grognard’s eyes glaze over with nostalgia, one that holds up to this very day. Take a look here!


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