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Dear readers,


Kickstarter, as a platform, is made for indie games and unique projects, and while I do not begrudge the “big” companies their kickstarter successes (because, let’s be honest, “big” still means “tiny” in the RPG-industry), the kickstarters by the small studios may fall by the wayside, drowned out in the buzz.Hence, this special shout out today:

Two small studios, both of which have completed kickstarters before and have a track record of delivering, have two projects in the final days of the campaign. Both projects have not yet been funded, but sport very modest goals – modest enough that they can fund very easily.


The first of these projects would be “Art of War“, which is a Bushido/WuXia-inspired setting/toolbox for both Savage Worlds and D&D 5e. The project looks interesting, and previous releases by Amora Game have shown that they are passionate about the subject matter. The campaign has but 6 days to go, so please take a look here if you like some WuXia-flavor in your game. You can check out the campaign here!

There are even two FREE one sheet-adventures for it!

The Savage Worlds version can be found here!

The D&D 5e version can be found here!


The second project is Nagual, a rules-lite, Mesoamerican giant robot RPG by Little Red Goblin Games. In a perfect world, that tag-line alone would have funded this kickstarter in its first hour of running time, but right now, the campaign has 8 days to go and, while close to funding, can use your support. The game, fyi, has been playtested extensively and I’ve seen the rules and had some chance to tinker with them. I really enjoy what the game does, and the lore I’ve seen so far is actualyl UNIQUE. Creative. Not something you’ve seen before. You can take a look at Nagual here!


All right, today’s a holiday in Germany, but I’ve been working all day. I’ll now grab a well-deserved beer and see you all tomorrow!




Endzeitgeist out.


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