Kickstarter Shout-out!

Dear readers,


’tis the season where a ton of amazing kickstarters you may have missed are running!


Hyperborea: Beasts and Cannibals by North Wind Games (AS&SoH):

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea is the most highly recommended game/setting I currently do not own; it is high on my list to get and the company has a track record of excellent adventures. The fully funded campaign is there to release two new modules for the setting, which sound pretty awesome. I am looking forward to seeing them, and yes, I will review the system etc.! You can check this KS out here!


Psionics Guide for Starfinder by Dreamscarred Press (SFRPG):

Dreamscarred Press, masters of psionics, are aiming to bring their critically-acclaimed psionics to Starfinder! The campaign has 8 days to go and is fully funded! You can check it out here!


D.A.M.N. Magazine Spring 2018 by Mystic Bull Games (DCC):

The DCC Adventure Magazine and News has funded its latest issue already. With 28 days to go, there is ample room to crush stretchgoals! You can check out the kickstarter here!


Nagual by Little Red Goblin Games (unique system):

Okay, so, full disclosure, I’ve provided some feedback on the WIP-version of this game. I have never seen anything like it and even back then, I really liked what I saw in the WIP. The premise is amazing: Picture giant mechas in a fantastic Mesoamerican setting! It’s quick to play, tactical without being cluttered or hard to grasp and…MECHAS!!! Sounds awesome, right?!? Better yet – the system can carry somewhat Super-ish gameplay as well! The KS has just started – you can take a look here!


This is also where I stand, suitably ashamed, with cap in hand, before you and tell you that, with the start of the new semester, I failed to point out that Everyman Gaming/Rogue Genius Games have funded Skill Challenges and advanced skill rules for Starfinder! The KS has unfortunately already concluded, but consider me mega-stoked to see the final book – if it’s anything like the Pathfinder-version, it will be a must-own masterpiece. Mea culpa!!


EDIT: Double Mea Culpa! I wan’t aware of the following project:


Art of War: Bushio/WuXia Setting by Amora Game (5e/Savage Worlds):

The Amora crew loves Eastern-style martial arts, and it shows. Their cool project looks remarkable and, as an owner of e.g. their Liber Influxus Communis, I can attest to the quality of their print books! The campaign looks promising and features their neat Kemonomimi-races! It has 26 days to go. Check it out here!


Finally, following Owen’s law, please contemplate supporting me on patreon. I am working hard for all of you out there and every little bit helps!


Endzeitgeist out.


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    • Thilo Graf says:

      Mea culpa, Greg! Wasn’taware of your project! I have included it in the shout-out! Drop me a reminder before the campaign concludes and I’ll provide a second shout-out!

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