Treasure Map: Island of Sorrows I


This map-pack from Raging Swan Pressis suitable as a straight-forward player’s hand-out and provides 4 files – 3 high-res jpegs and a very flexible T&C-textfile.

The 3 jpegs have in common that they depict Maps displaying the general location of the Island of Sorrows. One iteration comes in b/w without a scroll-background, one is b/w and comes with a scroll background and one is a parchment-style version of the latter.

The maps depict a stretch of coastline with several islands, mountains and some forests on the main land and two sea-serpents amidst the waves. The sun rises from a range of mountains on the maps, making this particular section interesting in that it could provide a hint to where East lies when finding the location of the stretch of coastline.


The maps are well-drawn and provide what they set out to do – a player’s hand-out for a treasure map. However, there is no parchment-version of the map without the scroll (which would be great if the map had been tattooed on some creature/guy) and since the maps don’t come as a pdf, there are no layers included to e.g. turn off the “Island of Sorrows”-tag-line in the maps. Furthermore, I’m somewhat spoiled by maps that come with layers of e.g. different colors and the fantastic maps-line. In direct contrast, this map does simply not provide enough evocative details or customization options to be considered a truly good buy for me. Seeing that, as a hand-out, if you can spare the $4.00, it still works as intended, I’ll settle for a final verdict of 2 stars.

Take a look here.

Endzeitgeist out.


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