Hej everybody!


Thank you for all the nice wishes for a speedy recovery. On the plus-side, I’ve been reading like crazy and have a vast amount of material, ready to be turned into reviews. On the downside, typing still huts and is S…L…O…W. That being said, I do have some reviews finished for you, but until my pain subsides, I may not be able to maintain my usual 2-3 reviews a week-day schedule. We’ll see.


I wanted to come back from my injury with a high-note, so I hope you enjoy the Onmyoji-review. There are quite a few pending that did not fare half as well as this one.


Without further ado: Expect to see a semblance of a schedule next week and have a great week-end!


Endzeitgeist out.


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5 Responses

  1. Jade Ripley says:

    Congrats on your ongoing recovery. I hope you’re feeling better soon, my friend.

    If you’ll ‘scuse me I’m gonna return to chewing my fingers down to bony claws in nervousness over ‘forge.

    • Thilo Graf says:

      Thanks and rest assured – it’s coming, Jade. At my current speed, I can’t promise next week, but I CAN promise a *very soon*.


      • Jade Ripley says:

        No rush man! Attend to your recovery; your health is more important, both for human-rights reasons and because it’s difficult to be employed in *any* manner if you push yourself too far and come down with a case of corpsification. Don’t mind me, I just tend to worry over m’work.

        • Interjection Games says:

          He’s simply too German to stop working, mate. We can only pray that the negative reinforcement of pain slows him down enough that he heals properly.

          • Thilo Graf says:

            The damn negative reinforcement indeed does work – got one review done today and had to stop and gobble up more Ibuprofin. And yes, this does make me feel pretty useless…damn work-neurosis. ;P

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