Eye Surgery is not Fun

So, as some of you know, I for some I’ve been suffering from really bad migraines, to one extent or another, for most of my life. Mine manifested like white, bright holes that, like daggers, pierced through my skull in pure agony. Once or twice a year, they’d knock me out for a few days. I always chalked that up to not enough sleep, too much work, partying too hard, allergies, etc. However, during the last 2 years, their frequency has been increasing steadily, to the point where I had at least 2 attacks per month. Considering their severity and how long they’d decrease my ability to work, that was an untenable situation in the long run.

I was also rather concerned by the decreasing sharpness of my field of vision; at first, I only experienced this phenomenon after long workdays staring at the screen, but it quickly got worse. I’m somewhat OCD, so I started measuring the distance where I can see things sharply, and the end-result of my data was that my sight got worse, fast.


So I went to specialists, and it turns out that my corneas were weird (probably from birth) and had suffered seriously, probably due to the massive allergy-related swellings I experienced during 2019. I had two venues open to me: Glasses would only treat the symptoms, and not the cause. While glasses would have been my preferred option, my sight would have continued deteriorating, while the frequency of my migraines would continue to increase.


Suffice to say, that was not a valid option for me, as all of my work and pretty much all of the things I enjoy in life are contingent on my sight.


The other option was a costly eye surgery, but one that would eliminate the cause of the issues; it would definitely improve my sight, and it would perhaps also eliminate my migraines. They told me that the sooner I’d get it done, the better, so that’s what I did. I know a lot of people who had eye surgery done, and who told me that they just took a nap, and then things were okay. Yeah, that was for the routine surgeries. I knew that mine wasn’t routine, but I was confident.

“You’ll have 3 unpleasant days; after that, you can work if you take pauses.” That was what I was told. It’s also why I didn’t write an update back then. I got the surgery on the weekend to minimize the time I’d be out of commission. “Ha, next Tuesday, I’ll be back on track!”



Yeah, no. No. That did not happen.


The first week was not “unpleasant”; it was HELL. Rather, Hells. All 9 of them. All my other injuries, from broken knees to torn ligaments, pale in comparison. Even with pain meds. Even under pain meds, I woke up, drenched in sweat, doubled over from pain, retching, and whimpering and passed out, only to awake from unconsciousness again…due to a horrible rainbow of different flavors of pain. Pulsing, piercing, burning, jabbing…all at once, never consistent. I have NEVER experienced anything like it. This was seriously traumatic. Two days ago, I woke up, because I dreamed I experienced that pain again.

To provide a context: I walked around with a shattered knee and a cane for two weeks, because I thought that it “was fine” and “just a strained muscle” and “not that painful.”


My sight is literally better than it has ever been.

But the pain to get there? Damn. If you ever get a non-routine surgery for your eyes, make sure you’re stocked up on industrial-strength pain meds and sleep meds. Just to make sure you don’t go through that.

Since them, extreme photosensitivity made working at the screen hard, and same goes for reading; even with sunglasses and dimmed light emission/programs to make work more friendly on the eyes.


Every day was a struggle, but things get better daily. I haven’t experienced a single bout of migraine since the surgery and my sight is ridiculously good, apart from the photosensitivity, which also decreases every day.


I’m trying to catch up on work. Reviews shall resume next week.


Thank you for your kind inquiries and for your emotional support; while I couldn’t stare for long at the screen, whenever I read one of those messages, it really brightened my day.


Thank you.


Endzeitgeist out.


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3 Responses

  1. Alzrius says:

    Sorry to hear that you had such an incredibly rough time of it, friend. I’m glad things are getting better for you; hopefully from now on, all of that pain will just be an unpleasant memory that you’ll never have to live through again.

  2. Derek says:

    This explains so much. I hadn’t seen much activity from you so I was getting concerned and had messaged you to see how you were. When I didn’t hear back from you for a couple of weeks, I got even more concerned. As someone who will forever wear glasses and knows people who got laser eye surgery because they were worthy candidates (not I because of stupid diabetes), this is definitely a story I wasn’t expecting. Seems they too had the run-of-the-mill type surgery. I can’t imagine the pain you went through. I’m glad you’re getting better over time. Nice that the migraines seem to be gone. Just sucks you had to go through the equivalent of small-sized hoops of hellfire to do that. Continue to get better, and definitely don’t overdo anything.

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