Sep 262014

Hej everybody,


before I shamble back into the review-box, I wanted to point you towards two worthy kickstarters ending very soon:


The first would be Interjection Games’ Strange Magic, wherein mana-bar-style warlock casting, functional truename magic and modular casting via the creation of magical symphonies becomes possible – while the video  may not be much to look at, lead-designer Bradley Crouch has time and again proven that he can create superb crunch and unique systems that feel magical. Plus, I actually have already read the vast majority of the content – and it’s AWESOME. Think: What if Tome of Magic not only had great concepts, but actually worked and you’ll have Strange Magic. Strange Magic ends this week-end, so if you ever wanted Master Crouch, Jason Linker (and my humble self) to tackle a basic concept, PrC or archetype – here’s your chance to actually get that! (And a great book to boot…)


The second would be the latest dark fantasy module by TPK Games, Fen of the Five-Fold Maw, which coincidentally will be fully Laying Waste-compatible… and if you need a reason to like TPK Games-modules, I reviewed them all.


Thanks for your attention! Next week, I hope to have some more reviews pertaining current kickstarters…see you then!


Have a great week-end and all the best from your



P.s.: If you like me pointing out current KS, please comment. If you don’t like it, I encourage you to do the same. Depending on the feedback, I will continue to post about them or refrain from doing so.


  3 Responses to “Cool Kickstarters ending this week-end”

  1. I’m always glad for KS info, or any other good rpg info 😉

  2. I’ve been a sucker for pathfinder kickstarters lately, so I really like the idea of this kind of post. Also, If I’m not watching the 3PP section of Paizo’s boards I feel like I can easily miss some cool projects.

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