Cool Fat Goblin EZG Bundle!

Dear readers,


Fat Goblin Games has, in the hardest month for publishers, a special offering for you:


25 supplements I absolutely adored, for $25!

No, I don’t get anything from the bundle, and I don’t want anything – it’s just a fantastic offering for a price that can’t be beaten and I wanted to point it out, since it’s a honor for me, and a formidable deal for you!


Want to get into the Fat Goblin’s fantastic Castle Falkenstein supplements? You’ll find the best within!


Want to gate the criminally-underrated Vathak supplements? (Seriously, if you like Ravenloft et al., get these!) You won’t get them for a lower price!


Want to check out the Call to Arms-series? Some of the best ones are within this bundle!


Oh, and VsM-engine based GAMES (yes, full games!) are also included!


You can check out the bundle here!


Endzeitgeist out.


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